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The Doomsday Scam - the hunt for Red Mercury

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  • The Doomsday Scam - the hunt for Red Mercury

    For decades, aspiring bomb makers — including ISIS — have desperately tried to get their
    hands on a lethal substance called red mercury. There’s a reason that they never have.

    According to well-traveled tales of its potency, when detonated in combination with conventional high explosives, red mercury could create the city-flattening blast of a nuclear bomb. In another application, a famous nuclear scientist once suggested it could be used as a component in a neutron bomb small enough to fit in a sandwich-size paper bag.
    Rest of this highly entertaining story at:

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    You had me for a moment.


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      Great read, Thanks.


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        Red Matter explosion. Closely related to Red Mercury or so I'm told. This shit be real folks. Causes black holes, please be aware.


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          With that validation, the photographs traveled on social media, finding their way to the Islamic State and then to Abu Omar, who said he remembered something he had heard from his cousin in Syria, a fighter for Jabhat al-Nusra, the Qaeda affiliate and bitter Islamic State rival.
          Nothing says legit like a chain letter blurb on Facebook.