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    Articles about Science and Art.

    A thread for articles about Science and Art, pioneering and exploring the rich possibilities greater Science and Art interconnectedness may offer.

    Please, feel free to contribute articles on this topic.

    Thank you kindly.

    Some to start the thread.

    Kinetic light sculptures created by British artist and physicist, Paul Friedlander

    Paul Friedlander is both a physicist and a light sculptor, using applied sciences to create art that’s both beautiful and interactive. He constructs kinetic light sculptures by quickly rotating a rope stretched from ceiling to floor through white light.
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    The Beautiful Blackboards at Quantum Physics Labs

    Alejandro Guijarro sees that blurry beauty better than most. Over the last three years, the Spanish artist has visited some of the world's most prestigious blackboards: the ones housed at the quantum mechanics labs of places like the University of Oxford, UC Berkeley, Stanford, CERN, Cambridge, and the Instituto de Física Corpuscular. At each place, he used a large-format camera to capture the markings left on the boards, just as he found them.
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    Hypnotic Timelapse Videos Show A Face Of Mother Nature We Rarely See

    We don’t usually get to witness the movements of plants and fungi, which happen so slowly that we don’t notice it with our naked eyes. But these timelapse videos speed up the process, letting us appreciate the sometimes graceful growing and dying of these organisms.


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      Marvelous videos battleforfreedom. I've only watched this halfway through so far, but thought you may enjoy it.
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        Artist Opens Up a Wormhole Inside a Giant Dome

        Despite what Christopher Nolan might have you believe, you don't have to go to Saturn to get sucked inside a wormhole—just stop by Omnis, an audiovisual installation by artist Mathieu Le Sourd, a.k.a. Maotik, that transforms a giant dome in Peru into an warping tunnel of light and sound.
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          Geometrical plants for symmetry lovers.

          When we see order in the world, we think it must be some human hand that made it so. But Galileo Galilei in his Il Saggiatore wrote, “[The universe] is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures.” There is order in nature, and artists who want to reproduce it faithfully spend hours studying nature’s forms.
          Fairly long, but there are great pictures.


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            ^ That's not long EM, great find!

            This is awesome!



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              Science Of Origami - Mathematicians And Artists Use Algorithms To Make Complicated Paper Sculptures


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                Origami in Space: BYU-designed solar arrays inspired by origami


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                  CSIRAC: The world's first computer to play music



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                    Musical Laser Forests, Light Painting, and Quadcopters Meet Marshmallow Laser Feast


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                      What Tree Rings Sound Like Played on a Record Player



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                        Watch these incredible timelapse images from space as an astronaut captures her journey over Europe



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                          Digital Ethereal: Capturing the colourful world of invisible wireless networks with a “paranormal camera”



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                            [Exclusive Video] Creating Sand Castles With A Single Grain Of Sand



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                              Artists were sending rocket ships to the moon before science ever thought of the idea.