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ITU comes up with particularly retarded plan to force IPv6 adoption

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  • ITU comes up with particularly retarded plan to force IPv6 adoption

    Internet engineers tear into United Nations' plan to move us all to IPv6

    Flawed beyond repair, utterly broken, critically endangers the web – and that's the good news

    A newly released draft of the United Nations' masterplan to transition the internet to IPv6 has met a furious and despairing response from internet engineers.

    "Utterly, utterly, broken. It has no redeeming or worthwhile qualities at all," commented one engineer on a dedicated IPv6 working group at Europe's regional internet registry, RIPE.

    Others called the draft "fundamentally flawed", "ill-conceived", "awful" and "pointless to the degree of being self-destructive."

    With one day left before RIPE is due to provide formal comments, there is not a single positive comment and the general consensus appears to be that the entire document should be binned.

    The poor old ITU. Still stuck in the days of POTS and the telegraph.

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    I read the article diagonally and I got that the ITU plan to map IPv4 to IPv6 is deemed bad, as it uses the "space" usable for IPv6 and it makes for IPv6 to inherit "bad practices" of the older standard.

    Can you tell me why IPv6 is not adopted as a standard? Also, why would the ITU care? Is there a push to keep IPv4 for any reason by any organization?


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      The main reason why IPv6 isn't more widely adopted is that it's retarded standard written by academics in a hurry. When it was designed (in the mid 1990's!!!) we were about to run out of IPv4 addresses within the next five years. IPv6 says that every device with an address shall be exposed to the internet, something that we've designed vast swathes of the internet to get around with NAT-ing to avoid such a security expsure.

      ​And as for why the ITU keeps trying to stick their dick in, they're grumpy because the internet's various standards were done without any of their input. It's an attempt to get control, little more.