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ground resonance (helicopters)

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  • ground resonance (helicopters)

    I never knew of this but I have seen helicopters start shaking but never knew the cause. I do now.

    Excellent example of *what to do* if entering into ground resonance. The Gazelle pilot immediately lifts his helicopter off the ground. Incident occured during taping of a "MacGyver" episode (Deathlock (1986)). I happened to catch this scenario while watching the episode. They left the footage in the opening sequence, even with passenger door flapping!

  • #2 helo flt tng they taught us to make positive landings to the ground/positive lift offs from the ground....that is, when landing don't be feeling for the ground with your skids...controlled descent to the ground....
    when taking off you smoothly release contact from the ground to at least hover height....
    otherwise....if you're weak either way......sympathetic resonance gonna eat your baby........
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      I think they showed us the Chinook one when I was at university in the late 90s. Looks a bit more dramatic from the rear.