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ISO rejects NSA's preferred IoT encryption protocols

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  • ISO rejects NSA's preferred IoT encryption protocols

    ISO blocks NSA's latest IoT encryption systems amid murky tales of backdoors and bullying

    Two new encryption algorithms developed by the NSA have been rejected by an international standards body amid accusations of threatening behavior.

    The "Simon" and "Speck" cryptography techniques were designed for the next generation of internet-of-things sensors, and were intended to become a global standard.

    But there were formally rejected earlier this week by the International Organization of Standards (ISO) amid concerns that they contained a backdoor that would allow US spies to break the encryption. The process was also marred by complaints from encryption experts of threatening behavior from the American spies.

    Beds made, sleeping in them commenced. Gosh, I wonder why the NSA is no longer trusted to recommend good crypto?