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Rural Africa will leapfrog into solar power

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  • Rural Africa will leapfrog into solar power

    Fidel Mberabagabo lives down a dirt path in a modest, hand-built mud and concrete home surrounded on either side by hazy, gently cresting green hills. Like most people in this part of Rwanda’s rural Rwamagana district, he is a farmer. Also like them, finances are strained; he never knows just how much he will make in a given month. But Mberabagabo’s life does now differ from that of many of his neighbours in one important way: he has electricity.

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    I have become a big fan of solar power lately. I take care of a large solar array (now about 8 Mw). It is physically robust and reliable. When I say reliable I mean it doesn't break down. It is dependent on the weather but even on overcast days it still produces a fair amount of power. The only problem is support from vendors. Many are not reliable, popping into existence, selling some parts, then disappearing into planned bankruptcy. It's getting better but be careful who you deal with.