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    Construction of Israeli spacecraft to the moon begins
    The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is currently building and assembling the components of SpaceIL's spacecraft, which will be launched to the moon next year. SpaceIL, the Israeli representative in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, is making giant strides to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon, after the base structure of the craft was received at IAI facilities earlier this week.,...017213,00.html


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      ^Brilliant, sounds amazing!


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        In a world where innovations and disruptions are impacting our daily lives, there is one field which has barely changed in the past 130 years: The Internal Combustion Engine. Aquarius Engines, Ltd., founded in 2014, has designed, developed and built a revolutionary engine to generate electric power. The Aquarius engine-generator is dramatically cheaper, smaller, cleaner and more efficient than existing power generators. It is about to disrupt the market of Power Generators in general and Electric cars in particular. Stand-alone power generators are becoming indispensable in a world where the demand for electricity grows relentlessly from year to year, where burdens on the grid result in ever-more-frequent power outages, and where unexpected natural disasters require alternative modes of power generation than traditional electricity distribution networks. Existing power generators are heavy, bulky and inefficient. Further more, new stricter emissions regulations are forcing the power generator industry to look for new solutions. Electric and hybrid cars constitute less than 3% of all vehicles annually sold. Due to three main reasons: Cost, Charging time and Limited driving range. A powertrain based on Aquarius’ new type of an integrated power system will overcome these prior disadvantages of hybrid and electric cars, making them affordable, efficient, and eliminating recharging anxieties. Aquarius' Engines integrated power system is composed of a revolutionary combustion engine and a dedicated electricity generator with an exceptionally high power-to-weight/size ratio. Aquarius’ Engines unique patented one-cylinder design has only one moving part - as opposed to conventional engines - simplifying manufacturing processes and production costs. The power generator of the future has arrived and it is named Aquarius. Ariel Gorfung CEO Gal Fridman CMO Shaul Yaakoby CTO


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          He was on the news the other morning - a gauntlet on each arm with two rockets on each side

          Looks like really good fun
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            Boston dynamics will launch skynet in 2020.

            Only a year ago it looked like a stroke victim



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              ^^ Speaking of robots, just yesterday i saw a video of Festo´s push into the japanese market