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    Whoever edited that video needs to realize that the target audience isn't a bunch of 5 year old kids. Especially if you're working for international business times.


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      Finland negotiating high-speed Hyperloop connection between Helsinki and Stockholm

      Technology provided by American company Hyperloop One could allow passengers to travel between the two Nordic capitals in a shuttle at speeds of up to 1,200 kilometres per hour. The connection is estimated to cost approximately 19 billion euros.
      Before expanding across the Baltic Sea, Finland could be one of the first to test Hyperloop's technology in practice. Salo, a city in Southwest Finland, is keen to welcome the futuristic technology. The city signed a letter of intent with Hyperloop One last summer to build a test track running between Salo and Turku.


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        One-Nanometer Transistor Keeps Moore’s Law Relevant Another Year
        Unfortunately, conventional silicon electronics have been approaching a fundamental limit to their size. This is due to quantum effects that occur as silicon approaches a gate length of five nanometers, causing unpredictable behavior that significantly inhibits their ability to function reliably.

        Reminded me of the Hitchhiker's infinite improbability drive.

        "The principle of generating small amounts of finite improbability by simply hooking the logic circuits of a Bambleweeny 57 Sub-Meson Brain to an atomic vector plotter suspended in a strong Brownian Motion producer ..."


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          Scientists have built the world's first computer chip without semiconductors

          Researchers are repurposing decades-old technology to build faster gadgets for the future, creating nanoscale vacuum tubes that could dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of personal electronics and solar panels.