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Canadian scientists develop first new antibiotic in decades

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  • Canadian scientists develop first new antibiotic in decades

    From news article:

    "Canadian scientists say they have discovered the first new antibiotic in three decades, and that their research suggests it may be effective at killing two of the most worrisome superbugs.

    The drug is called PEG-2S and it works by inhibiting a sodium pump called NQR that at least 20 different types of bacteria need for respiration, according to researchers from the St. Boniface Hospital and the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.
    The new antibiotic, which still needs to be tested in clinical trials and is years away from being available to the public, is expected to work on at least two of the 10 “priority pathogens” theWorld Health Organization said are of utmost concern: Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Neisseria gonorrhoeae."

    More here:

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    So relax, boys, you'll still be able to get the clap and have it treated.