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The arch project, sheltering a damaged reactor, Chernobl IV

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  • The arch project, sheltering a damaged reactor, Chernobl IV

    So it's done, the arch is in place.
    275m long, 162m large, 108m high for a weight of 36000 tonnes. The biggest moving structure in the world.
    The structure has been pushed above the reactor IV building and put in place.
    It's made to resist from -43°C to +43°C and force 7 earthquake.
    French society Vincy and Bouygues work together with the Ukrainian autorities and the BERD to conceive and build it.

    At the end of 2017, all the equipment will be in place and total dismanteling of the reactor building will start, in safety.


    Three years ago I have the occasion to go there, sadly due to a personnal problem I was unable to do so. I regret.

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    Very interesting to me due to my background in construction and buildings. That you for posting! One thing I notice is how similar construction workers and construction is, all around the world.


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      Actually I found a time lapse video on line of the building being moved into place over the site. Very impressive.