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    Given the varied spectrum of voices here I figured it would be nice to broach this topic, share some of the things I've learned and hear the opinions and knowledge of others on the topic of nuclear power.

    This includes the state and use of the current fleet of nuclear reactors, the prospects of new reactor types and the place for nuclear ( or not ) in power generation as a whole.

    As a Canadian it's perhaps unsurprising that I like the CANDU reactors of the operating commercial reactors, though this has as much to do with it's greater ability to use different sorts of fuel over LWRs and for future reactor types the also-Canadian IMSR ( Integral Molten Salt Reactor )interests me a fair bit. This has more to do with the thorough effort on the part of the designers to lower barriers to entry to getting a liquid fueled reactor going, indeed this is why it ended up in Canada where the regulatory environment and government are more co-operative with the effort to move to new designs.

    In terms of the place for nuclear in terms of power generation as a whole I think it's nothing less then essential as the only low Carbon option that provides dispatchable power, which is needed if we want to maintain the current electrical grid structure with any stability.