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The Allies: A series of modern military novels

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  • The Allies: A series of modern military novels

    The purpose of this topic is to showcase the series of books that I have published, and continue to write. In addition, I am looking to make contact with subject matter experts who would agree to volunteer to provide me with background material in order to make the stories even more realistic.

    By way of background I am a retired officer from the Canadian Army with service, in both the Regular Force and the Reserve Force in the artillery, infantry and with the Office of the Judge Advocate General.

    The series of books comes under the overarching title of the ALLIES. Their genre is military fiction and the theme is that of allies working together set in the background of the coalition forces engaged in the War on Terror. In this respect the ALLIES series has three sets of recurring characters; American, Canadian and Afghan. In addition other allied characters--Australian, British, German and others--have minor roles and as such the stories make use of numerous international locales.

    It should be noted that while the books all include historical military operations they are not war stories per se (The prequel novella ALLIES: ANACONDA is the exception to this). The intent is that each story deals with some issue or event that requires investigation or resolution. In this respect one could say that the stories follow a mystery sub-genre; in fact the most recent book ALLIES: THE BAY ( as well as the as yet unpublished ALLIES: THE GULF) has a substantial military police procedural aspect to it.

    All of the books are published as ebooks in a variety of formats and are available through Amazon and Smashwords (as well as other publishers) with a base price of US$3.99 (except ANACONDA which is a free download at Smashwords and US$0.99 at Amazon). I'm planning to make them all available in a mail-order paperback format by Christmas.

    Over the next few days I'll be posting additional material about each book but for the present these are the titles in chronological order:

    ALLIES: ANACONDA - A prequel novella






    ALLIES: THE COAST (in production estimated completion Fall 2016)

    All the books can be found through my Google+ site:

    as well as my author's pages at Amazon

    and Smashwords:
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    Allies: Anaconda is a prequel to Allies: The Inquiry which introduced the Allies: Colonel Phil Sambrook, a veteran of America’s 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, and Colonel Kurt Richter, a member of Canada’s Joint Task Force-2. The two officers, friends and comrades for years, find themselves in March 2002 engaged in the factual events of Operation ANACONDA: America’s first conventional battle against al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the Shah-i-Kot valley of Afghanistan.

    In one of the coalition’s most difficult battles the allies fight an enemy much more numerous and more tenacious than expected.

    Sambrook’s vastly outnumbered American infantry must overcome inadequate intelligence and support to fight not just the enemy but the rugged mountain terrain, the frigid weather and ever changing mission priorities. Richter’s combined special operations force of Canadians and New Zealanders must unravel the secret of the valley that inspires the enemy’s fanatical resistance.

    On the peak of the 10,240 foot mountain Takur Ghar, a veteran Taliban commander must contend with a disastrous American special forces insertion that threatens his troops and those of his despised Uzbek al-Qaeda allies while fending off a nearby patrol from Australian Special Air Service Regiment.

    In the end, Operation ANACONDA was questionably declared a massive allied victory by its senior leaders. Along the way its participants, those with boots on the ground or flying helicopters into the valley, had to contend with, and overcome, many systemic circumstances that brought them within a hairsbreadth of an unparalleled disaster. Allies: Anaconda tells the story of the crucible of fire that forged the bond that unites its main characters.

    ALLIES: ANACONDA is available in various ebook formats for free at Smashwords:

    and for Kindle at US$0.99 at Amazon:
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      Allies: The Inquiry is the first full novel of the Allies series.

      When a dedicated veteran jihadist from the United States is smuggled across the border into Canada to meet with a fledgling and entrepreneurial leader of two new Canadian cells, their operation runs afoul of a joint police and military exercise involving both American and Canadian participants. Amongst the fatalities from the resulting shoot-out is an American Special Forces soldier. The new Canadian Chief of Defence Staff and the Commander of the US Special Forces Command each appoint a senior officer to a joint inquiry to determine the circumstances of the incident.

      The Inquiry introduces the Allies: Colonel Phil Sambrook, a veteran of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, and Colonel Kurt Richter, a former commander of Joint Task Force-2 still recovering from wounds sustained in combat. The two officers, friends and comrades for years, lead a multi-national team to track the home-grown cells operating in each of their countries.

      Frustrated by Canadian police more interested in long term infiltration of the Canadian cell than in quickly identifying the American one which is bent on an imminent strike, the team joins up with CIA operatives and other Special Forces personnel to follows leads which take them from the United States and Canada to England and Germany and eventually to Pakistan.

      Along the way the Inquiry explores not only the make up and motivation of the principal characters, both government and jihadists, but also looks in detail at the threat of home-grown and international Islamist jihad to Western society.

      ALLIES: THE INQUIRY is available for US$3.99 in various ebook formats at Smashwords

      and for Kindle at Amazon:
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        Allies: The Trial continues the story of Colonel Phil Sambrook, a veteran of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, and Colonel Kurt Richter, a former commander of Joint Task Force 2 started in the novel, Allies: The Inquiry and its prequel novella, Allies: Anaconda.

        Sambrook is in Afghanistan completing the investigation of a failed special forces mission when he is retasked to investigate the hostage taking of an international team of archaeologists in Herat. Joined by Richter, who is himself in Afghanistan assisting with the stand up of Canada’s new force deploying to Kandahar, they lead a team of American, Canadian and Australian special forces personal tasked to rescue the hostages who have been moved by the Taliban to Panjwayi.

        The mission leads through Italy and Hawaii to Perth, Australia and their participation at a court martial and the defence against a terrorist attack. Along the way the novel continues the exploration of the make-up and character of its principal characters and allies; military, civilian and their opponents.

        ALLIES: THE TRIAL is available for US$3.99 in various ebook formats at Smashwords

        and for Kindle at Amazon:


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          Operational Detachment Alpha 053 finds itself at the scene of a fatal night firefight between newly arrived personnel from the British Army and the Taliban and rogue Afghan National Police elements near the town of Sangin in Helmand Province.

          Colonel Phil Sambrook, a veteran of 1st Special Forces Detachment-Delta and Colonel Kurt Richter, a former commander of Joint Task Force 2 are dispatched to investigate the circumstances of the incident. Their mission leads them into the ever changing environment along the key rivers of Southern Afghanistan during the time when British and Canadian troops from NATO are taking over responsibility for Regional Command - South from the Americans at the same time that the Taliban and their foreign allies are surging into the region for a major decisive operation.

          The action moves from a series of major battles along the Afghan rivers to the halls of power in Washington on the banks of the Potomac. Along the way their eyes are opened to evidence of corruption carried out by their Afghan allies, a US government official and private contractors and a threat that will come to their very homes.

          ALLIES: THE RIVERS is available for US$3.99 in various ebook formats at Smashwords

          and for Kindle at Amazon:


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            ALLIES: THE BAY

            ALLIES: THE BAY Introduces Chief Warrant Officer 2 Mark Winters and Staff Sergeant Sal Watts of the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) of the Lakeland Florida CID Detachment.

            Murder and special operations go hand in hand when Winters is called in by the Tampa Police Homicide Squad to assist in the investigation of the brutal murder of two individuals, one a US Army officer and the second an unknown who has been fiendishly tortured.

            To unravel the mystery, Winters investigation takes him from Florida to Kentucky to Austria and finally to Canada and has him facing two different and very dangerous foes.

            The story unfolds in the background of Phil Sambrook’s promotion to the rank of Brigadier General and his assumption command of command of the US Special Operations Command Central, Colonel Kurt Richter's joining SOCCENT as a staff officer and ODA 053’s participation in Operation MEDUSA in Afghanistan.

            ALLIES: THE BAY is available for US$3.99 in various ebook formats at Smashwords


            and for Kindle at Amazon:



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              ALLIES: THE GULF


              If you like police procedurals and military fiction, Allies: The Gulf provides action in both venues.

              In Ocala, Florida, two Army National Guard members are brutally murdered and their pre-teen daughters abducted. Local investigators believe the murders to be incidental to the abduction and concentrate their efforts on sex offenders in local the area. For the young apprentice hitman, however, the abduction was the last thing he wanted and the girls continued existence is more a complication to his life than anything else.

              Chief Warrant Officer 2 Mark Winters of the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) in Lakeland Florida and his team, on the other hand, while equally haunted by the fate of the girls, comes to believe that the murders are part of string of continuing murders in a war between opposing drug cartels and the smugglers of automatic weapons operating within Florida. Their investigation leads them to the heart of the cartels’ operations in Mexico.

              Meanwhile General Phil Sambrook’s has to focus on the investigations involving the potential misconduct of two separate special operations teams in Afghanistan.

              Allies: The Gulf is available at:

              From Amazon:


              From Smashwords:


              and through Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other distributors.

              My new web site is at: