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Three Way War (A Story in Bosnia)

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  • Three Way War (A Story in Bosnia)

    The idea to write this story came from a one-shot story I did for the manga Black Lagoon where Yukio Washimine is saved by her long-lost twin brother, Yuji (who is just an original character created for the story). His backstory was that he was saved by Raymond Reddington from The Blacklist from human smugglers. He then helped the boy recover and train him in paramilitary tactics to help him after Reddington told the young man that his father's friend in the Yakuza asked for his assistance despite Yuji's estranged relationship from his father. He agreed when Reddington mentioned that he's helping his family find the culprit responsible for his abduction and their "investigation" leads to Bosnia.

    It's complicated. Trust me.

    Since I'm not sure if people will recognize the said original concept since I have plan to do the story as a story crossover between Black Lagoon and The Blacklist with several characters taken from various series/franchises, I decided to go and try and do an original story with some stuff being a bit different, but otherwise has the same lore. (Though if you got anything to say, feel free to reply here or via PM)

    The main starting point for this is that the "good guys" are based in parts of Bosnian Posavina since it's one of the few areas where the HVO and the ARBiH still worked together against the VRS, AP Western Bosnia, partially the YJ and their militia proxies. Well I can't find any further info on this, aside from an early battle in 1992 where the two forces did work together, so I'll run along that idea.

    This is partially done. A continuation to this should be up in a few days.

    So enjoy the story in original flavor fiction.
    August 1, 1993
    Drávaszabolcs, Croatian/Hungarian border checkpoint, Hungary
    A red Dacia 1325 with Hungarian license plates drove down the road towards the direction of Drávaszabolcs' border checkpoint between Croatia and Hungary from the direction of Budapest. The car only had two occupants inside. They consisted of a Caucasian man with brown hair in his early 30s, who was driving the Dacia. Next to him was a young man of East Asian origin with black hair. Both of them wore shirts, jeans and sneakers since the weather was hot.

    "Pretty long trip from Ferihegy airport if you ask me," The East Asian man addressed the driver. "I thought Mr. Blum was suppose to have me transferred to another airport after I arrived from New York."

    "I apologize for the last minute change," The Caucasian man replied as he began to make his approach towards the checkpoint. "He insisted that we travel this way since the nearest airport is not fully operational for commercial traffic. This way, you can meet Mr. Blum's contact. He'll take you inside Croatian territory before you reach Bosnia."

    The car began to slow down after they spotted two Rendőrség officers at the border crossing, being motioned to stop for an inspection.

    <"Passports, please."> The officer approached the Dacia while his partner covered for him, speaking in Hungarian.

    "I'm only going to Croatia." The East Asian man handed his American passport. "He's only here to drop me off."

    The officer got the passport and read it. He looked at the man and spoke to him in fluent English with a slight accent. "May I ask why you're heading into Croatia today... Mr. Michael Lin? Are you aware of the civil war going on there?"

    "I am." Michael showed his Croatian-issued ID card. "I'm heading there to do some humanitarian work with an NGO there for the Bosnian refugees."

    "I see." The officer examined his Croatian ID before it was handed back to him. "And do you know the name of this... NGO?"

    "Yes, sir." Michael nodded. "I'm with World Relief and I was assigned here as a volunteer."

    The officer nodded after hearing his reply. He then told the young man to get out of the car since his passport needs to be stamped.

    "I'll take this." He told the driver when he took his black backpack from the back seat. "Tell them I said my thanks."

    "Of course," The driver replied

    When Michael was escorted to the Rendőrség checkpoint, the officer manning it was told of Michael's situation and his plans to go to Croatia.

    They murmured among themselves in Hungarian, wondering why the heck would he risk his life when the fighting was still going on. Nevertheless, his passport has been given an official immigration stamp to indicate that he officially left Hungarian soil for Croatia.

    "Here you are." The officer handed the passport back after his colleague at the checkpoint gave it to him. "Have a safe journey inside Croatia."

    "Thanks." Michael smiled and gripped his passport before he walked down the road, heading to a Croatian Policija border checkpoint. From there, Michael was subjected to the same questions and passport inspection. He also handed in his Croatian ID for inspection.

    Waiting near the Policija checkpoint was a silver BMW 518i sedan with Županja-based licensed plates. Inside were two Caucasians, inside and apparently waiting when they kept an eye on Michael ever since his arrival at Donji Miholjac.

    After Michael got his passport with the usual warning not to get into trouble from the Policija, he walked towards the parked sedan.

    "Welcome to Croatia." The driver got out of the car and greeted Michael. The latter noted that his English was of an American accent, particularly from California most likely.

    "Thanks." Michael got inside the car and settled himself in.

    "How did it go?" The driver asked him after he got in the car and buckled up his seatbelt.

    "Was a breeze actually. I didn't expect them to give me a hard time."

    "You can thank Mr. Blum for that. He went all out to make sure you got your Croatian ID before you even got here."

    The BMW sedan drove off away from the Donji Miholjac border checkpoint.

    "Is there anything else I need to know?" Michael asked the driver.

    "Mr. Blum mentioned that you're heading first to Županja first." The driver looked at the left and right to make sure nothing was obstructing its path. "It's the closest city we can go to since most of the other cities in the Croatian-Bosnian border are under the control of the Bosnian Serbs."

    Michael stared from his seat, looking at the Croatian scenery as the car drove southwards towards the Croatian-Bosnian boder.
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    August 1, 1993
    Županja, Croatian-Bosnian Border, Croatia

    The BMW 518i sedan arrived in the middle of the night after it was cleared to enter by the local policija. It made some detours along the way to ensure the passenger's safety and to make sure they won't be attacked in an ambush.

    The Croatian Army made its presence felt with heavily armed soldiers and armored vehicles to ensure the city's survival. Its adjacent location to the city of Orašje via the Sava River and the recent occupation of Vukovar gave the Croats enough reason to worry.

    When the sedan parked near where the Croatian-Bosnian land border bridge used to be, the occupants took note of a black civilian RHIB approaching the shores of Županja. A flare was used to light up its position as it approached the shore.

    A Caucasian man in his early 40s emerged out of the RHIB after it was parked and secured, who wore a gray trenchcoat, dress shirt and pants with black Oxford shoes. His head was covered with a brown fedora hat.

    The RHIB's driver, on the other hand, remained inside on orders from the fedora-wearing man. He was of Caucasian origin, but wore olive drab BDUs with a black toque. He was armed with a Zastava M70AB2 assault rifle for protection reasons.

    "I hope you had a good journey, Michael." The man greeted Michael when he came out of the 518i with his bag. He spoke English to him with a slight New York accent.

    "Mr. Blum." Michael bowed before the man to greet him. "I thought that you'd still be Austria or in Ireland to see your sisters."

    "I was." The Irish man shook his hand. "But I think the changes in Bosnia requires my presence here, whether I like it or not."

    "Do you mean the Bosniak alliance with the Croats?" Michael asked him.

    Mr. Blum directed Michael to the parked 518i. "A sad day to be of Bosnian heritage, I'm afraid. Based on the information my network obtained, the Croatian Democratic Union has decided to join forces with the Croatian Defense Council to carve up Bosnia for a homeland to Bosnian Croats. Not to mention that I have intel to suggest Serb Krajina or Serb paramilitary forces may ambush the vehicle I provided for you."

    "So the reason why you told the driver to do the long route instead."

    The two sat down at the backseat, which was the signal Mr. Blum gave to the sedan driver to drive it back towards Županja since the town is still under the control of the Croatian Army's 131st Brigade.

    "But I need to know why the showdown between the Croats and the Bosnians." Michael glared at him when he heard the news. "They were suppose to be allies against the Serbs."

    "I've instructed my informants friendly to me in Zagreb to sniff out any reason why the fighting started between the two groups." Mr. Blum handed Michael a folder before he continued to explain. "But to get to the point. This is why I need you here in Bosnia."

    Michael went to read the folder given to him. Inside was information based on an INTERPOL Red Notice on a Chinese-Filipino man with a surveillance photo taken in Hong Kong. It indicated that he had affiliation with Triad gangs in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Macau.

    "You said that you wanted information on the man who kidnapped you and killed your parents in Manila before the revolution that happened there. This is your chance. A chance to make things right and put their souls to rest."

    Michael continued to read the information when the sedan drove back towards Županja.

    “The only problem you're probably going to encounter is to travel back and forth between Croatian-Bosnian border up north by water since Croatian forces destroyed it as a precautionary measure.” Mr. Blum sighed when he stood near the driver.

    “Indeed it is.” Michael sat down on the floor to rest his legs.
    August 1, 1993
    Orašje, Croatian-Bosnian Border, Bosnia

    The RHIB arrived safely in northern Orašje. Mr. Blum and Michael were greeted armed soldiers of the Croatian Defence Council's 4 Operative Zone command when they used a flashlight, turning it on and off multiple times as the vehicle came closer to shore. The latter counted six of them when he arrived.

    “If the Bosniaks are fighting the Croats, then why are we here in the first place?” Michael questioned Mr. Blum on the choice of location as he was assisted by a HVO soldier in getting out of the RHIB.

    “Orašje makes a good location for us since the Croat and Bosniak inhabitants get along very well, not to mention that the alliance between the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina's 2 Corp and the Croatian Defence Council's 4OZ is still strong.” Mr. Blum was the next to step off the RHIB when it parked.

    “The fact that they're holding onto Orašje with Gradačac and Brčko is already a good sign for us.” The man shook hands with the soldiers after a couple of them helped him get off. “Not to mention that most of my family have lived in the area for generations, having a reputation to help the two communities get along before my grandparents moved to Sarajevo.”

    Three HVO-manned Puch W463 250 GD SUVs painted in woodland camo with the HVO insignia on were parked near the shoreline, waiting for the pickup of two passengers. The headlights were on, which indicated that the driver was at least inside.

    “I will let you know that this means that I'll work with anyone in the HVO and in the ARBiH who knowingly has committed atrocities against civilians, regardless if they're of Bosniak, Croat or Serb background.” Mr. Blum clarified his stance on working with the HVO.

    Michael silently nodded.

    “For now, let us be on our way and get some rest. I'll make the arrangements with the zone commander to help you get accommodated.”

    The Puchs made their journey towards central Orašje.
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      August 8, 1993
      Orašje, Croatian-Bosnian Border, Bosnia
      It was a week ever since Michael had settled in the Bosnian-Croat town of Orašje, currently dressed in light clothes due to the heat. To help him get acquainted with the town and the inhabitants, Mr. Blum made a request to the HVO to have one English-speaking soldier travel with the young man due to language concerns. The HVO agreed by sending a Croatian-American volunteer soldier named Douglas Vanka, who had formerly served in the US Army's 75th Ranger Regiment before he got an honorable discharge. Because he was "technically" on duty, he wore his issued Croatian-made Woodland BDU and was armed with a Zastava M70 AB2 assault rifle, slung on his back. The two men spent several going around the town for a few days to get a feel of the place.

      Douglas was useful to help Michael interact with the locals. The ex-Ranger spoke Croatian as well as English, thanks to his parents as part of reminding him of his heritage. This was very handy if anything should go wrong with the Filipino's interaction since he doesn't speak Bosnian or Croatian.

      During the time Michael spent going around Orašje, Douglas also helped him understand Croatian culture and traditions, as well as some Bosnian culture and traditions that he was aware of when he arrived in the area a year ago. This placed Michael in ease with the locals, bonding over the same Catholic religion. The locals were intrigued to see someone from Asia in the Balkans to help fight for their cause. In return, they tried their best to make him feel welcome despite having limited English. Douglas was around to help translate for the locals when their limited English was going nowhere.

      For now, Michael was told by the businessman to be on immediate standby until he can get word of some supplies that were being transported from southern Croatia. As much as he objected to the idea, he had no say in it since the HVO's 4OZ commander has the final say in the matter as he was cooperating with Mr. Blum.

      <"There you are!"> Michael and Douglas were greeted by an armed HVO soldier in Croatian, who had arrived to see them by bicycle when the two were walking towards the outskirts. <"Mr. Blum needs to see the kid right away.">

      <"Is something happening right now?"> Douglas replied to the soldier's concern.

      <"I just received word that he's just needed. You need to get him back at once."> Douglas was given a piece of folded paper. He read it and passed it to Michael.

      "Something happen?" Michael asked Douglas, who looked a bit concerned.

      The blonde volunteer shook his head. "It's maybe nothing, but your presence is required with Mr. Blum."

      "All right. Lead the way."

      As the two walked back towards central Orašje, they could see armed HVO soldiers arriving from northern Orašje in various Puchs alongside Steyr
      Pinzgauer 712T off-road trucks. Among the Puchs driving in had Mr. Blum as a passenger.

      What the hell is going on? Michael wondered if Mr. Blum was up to something with HVO, not having seen him for a few days since August 1. He was also told that he'll be called if needed to since the preparations weren't complete.

      Since he wasn't doing anything, he unfolded the paper and looked what was written on it.

      Meet me later when you're done with the tour. You're moving out as promised.

      Douglas later pointed out to Michael that the weapon crates the HVO were unloading from one of the parked Pinzgauer 712Ts were brought in courtesy of the businessman. He also explained that HVO personnel stationed in Orašje are grateful to the businessman's assistance, even though he was a Bosnian Jew.
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        August 8, 1993
        Orašje, Croatian-Bosnian Border, Bosnia
        It was 1 in the afternoon when Michael rushed back via bike to central Orašje, where most of the foreign volunteers were based at. From there, he changed from his civilian clothes to military BDUs and web gear as provided with assistance by Mr. Blum's contacts in the black market.

        He was now dressed in South Korean-made Woodland BDUs made out of poplin with black fingerless gloves and Finnish Jalas M91 combat boots. Mr. Blum also made personal arrangements to help him acquire weapons and equipment that would work for him, mostly due to his 5'7 height.

        Michael took the bike trip back from the town's central area towards the outskirts as instructed by Douglas.

        "You must be the kid who got some exposure under Mr. Blum."

        Michael was surprised to see a brown-haired Caucasian man in his late 30s speak to him when he arrived at the staging area near the outskirts of the town, seeing several military-grade jeeps being outfitted with
        various DShK heavy machine guns, M60 or SPG-9 recoilless rifles and HJ-8 or AT-4 Spigot anti-tank missiles by Bosnian Croats, Bosniak and foreign volunteers. He also noted that the man wore Woodland BDUs, though he wasn't sure if it was American-made or supplied secretly by Croatia.

        "I don't think I got your name." Michael decided to be pleasant and shake the man's right hand with his left hand.

        "Name's Jake. Jake Dalton." Jake returned the gesture and shook Michael's hand. "I heard that you came here and volunteered just to find out more about what happened to your family."

        "Yeah, that's right." Michael nodded after he finished shaking hands. "Mr. Blum offered me assistance by helping me complete my education while he oversaw my paramilitary training for a few years now when I made him promise to help me find out who killed my parents."

        "So I heard. Sorry about your folks." Jake smiled when he walked with Michael down. "You probably heard that Mr. Blum himself oversaw the recruitment of volunteers to help fight alongside the Bosniaks and the Bosnian Croats?"

        "I did. Did you get recruited after a discharge?"

        "Indeed. Used to be with the US Army's 10th Mountain Division," Jake replied when he told him more of his background. "I was only involved in Somalia under Operation Restore Hope for a while before I left the country." He then shrugged his shoulders. "After that, Mr. Blum asked me if I wanted to join up in Bosnia to help the Bosniaks fight for an independent country. So I agreed. I joined up with his forces for a few months now after my official discharge."

        Mr. Blum greeted the two with a smile and a slight bow while he held his blue bowler hat on his chest with his right hand. "I see that you two got acquainted. Good, good. Saves me the trouble of introducing the both of you."

        "Mr. Blum." Michael greeted him by bowing.

        "I'm glad that you arrived." Mr. Blum showed him a brown envelope on his left hand. "I have some information that you may find interesting." The businessman fixed his gaze on the ex-Mountain Division. "Mr. Dalton, you're free to go."

        "Thank you, sir."

        Mr. Blum motioned to Michael to follow him. As he did so, he saw numerous foreign volunteers carrying and inspecting weapon crates and their contents. He took a side glance and saw that most of them are covertly purchased or supplied from around the world. AKs, MP5s, M16s, Uzis, RPKs and PKMs. They were even other weapons such as Mosin-Nagants, SAR-80s, Ultimax 100 Mk2s, Karabiner 98ks, Dragunovs, Sa vz. 24s/26s and the SKS. Some held PPsh-41s/43s, PM-84s, FMK-3s, G3s, Milkor MGLs and RPG-7s.

        He bought a lot of weapons from all over the globe. America, Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe, China... Some of the small arms are even bought from Singapore and North Korea with WWII surplus in the mix. Even some of the jeeps modified for fast attack roles were acquired from Japan and Israel. How does he get the budget to secure them?!

        Mr. Blum showed Michael an AIL Storm Mark 1 Recon/Patrol Jeep with a mounted Cugir Mitraliera md. 66 GPMG mounted at the front passenger seat via swiveling machine gun mount. A Pakistan Ordnance Factories Type 54 heavy machine gun is seen mounted on the jeep's bed.

        "I'd like to introduce you to some of the men you're going with today."

        He motioned to four men conducting a quick check on the Storm. Michael noted that they were all Caucasians and were dressed in Woodland BDUs. Like the introduction he had with Jake, he noted that they don't have any patches or insignias that could link them to the HVO or to ARBiH. Except for a familiar face, all of them appear to be in their mid or late 30s.

        "This fine gentleman's name is Ari Yosef, formerly of the Israeli Army's Samson Unit. He saw action in the Gaza Strip for some time." Michael shook hands with a brown-haired man in his late 30s. His face had a clean shave as well.

        <"Shalom!"> Ari nodded and shook hands with Michael. "I have heard many things about you from Mr. Blum."

        "Thanks," Michael replied.

        Mr. Blum pointed to the man next to Ari. He had blond hair and a stubble. "This is Timothy Bolton, formerly of the Canadian Army's Canadian Airborne Regiment. You may have about the news regarding what happened in Somalia regarding the regiment."

        "Sorry to hear about your regiment." Michael shook hands with Timothy after being introduced.

        "Well, it was about time anyway." Timothy sighed when he shook hands. "After what happened there, I can't afford to stick around with them anymore."

        "You're already acquainted with Douglas, so I don't have to introduce him to you." Mr. Blum gestured to Douglas standing next to him. "However, I do wish to introduce the last person who's joining up today."

        A man with light brown hair approached Michael and extended his left arm out.

        "This is Adil Tuleyev." Mr. Blum introduced the last man to Michael. "He's from Kazakhstan and he's an ex-operator of the National Security Committee's Arystan unit. They operate kind of like Russia's Alpha Group, which is sadly under the Ministry of Internal Affairs."

        "A pleasure to meet you." Adil shook hands with Michael. The latter noted of his good English despite having a tiny bit of a Kazakhs accent.

        "Likewise." Michael also noted that Adil's handshake was very, very tight for his hands. He wondered what the hell he did during his time with the Arystan unit.

        "All right, gentlemen. You all need to prepare to mount up." Mr. Blum spoke to the assembled group. "I'll need a few minutes to speak with Mr. Lin for a while."

        The four men nodded and walked off towards the parked Storm. Mr. Blum handed Michael the envelope as mentioned.

        "What's this?" Michael murmured when he opened the envelope and got the papers inside. He read what appears to be an intelligence report supplied by the HVO. It's written in Croatian, but there was a note on it that he should go to the last few pages.

        Hopefully there's something worth my time. Michael quickly turned the pages in his hands until he took a good look at a surveillance photo of the same man, this time with a trimmed mustache. He was shown wearing a windbreaker and a sweater. The photo showed him talking to someone in the dirt road with a couple of armed men in civilian clothes, most likely armed with AKs. Based on the image, Michael thought that it may have been taken in an elevated position.

        "What's he doing here?" Michael asked Mr. Blum after he pointed to the photo.

        "The HVO was conducting a surveillance op on a rumor that some of their drummed out personnel had been involved in gang operations near Northern Bosnia in collaboration with some of the pro-Serbian irregulars. They're using insignias for HVO units based in Central Bosnia to cover their tracks."

        "So just like that, they throw away all of their decency and common sense just to be a thug? What bastards they are..."

        "Just a word of advice. I heard from my network that they may have active links with some of the HVO units like the ATJ Convict Battalion. Be careful and watch your back."

        "Understood, Mr. Blum." This'll be my first combat mission in Bosnia with the others. I hope it's one step closer to the truth.

        Michael handed the envelope back to Mr. Blum, which he accepted.

        "Unfortunately, your request for a motorbike isn't ready yet since I'm told that there's the matter of doing tests to make sure it's okay after I requisitioned it from the JGSDF when they declared some of their dirt bikes as surplus."

        Michael nodded.

        "I shall not keep you waiting. Have a good journey."

        When Michael went off to the jeep, he got his black American Body Armor Modular Tac Vest from the vehicle's bed and wore it over his chest. He secured the drop leg pistol holster and pistol mag pouch on his legs with the radio pouch on the vest's belt. Micheal wore his balaclava on before Timothy told him and the others to get inside the jeep since they're about to leave.

        Michael decided to just wait and gear up while the jeep was traveling. Timothy was in charge of driving the Storm and Ari was in the front passenger seat. Douglas and Adil took to the rear by getting to seats fixed on the side. Michael sitting next to the former when the three took their seats.

        The four men were already armed with their weapons and vest at the ready. He cradled his Norinco Type 86S bullpup assault rifle, which he found to be perfect since the assault rifle's compactness fits with his physique, though he had handled other assault rifles during his paramilitary training.

        For now, he had the time for the quiet to settle in when the Storm drove off. Some of the volunteers saw them off by waving goodbye with others doing salutes.


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          Apologies for a lack of updates. Various RL stuff happened and I'm needed somewhere for the next few days.