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  • Story ideas planned up

    Hey folks. I guess this is where I talk about what story ideas I'm pursuing:

    One of them pertains to the post-cyberpunk genre. Specifically to a police story where Southeast Asia has emerged from a war that has nearly wrecked the area. So the story starts with the return of a black sheep to the Philippines who refused to be part of the family business by joining the French Foreign Legion and gets recruited into a joint police-military unit as part of the government's efforts to crack down on serious crimes (Yes, there was one IRL once upon a time). When he uncovers details that the passing of his parents may be related to how the war started in the first place, he sets off to investigate and figure who was responsible for starting the war and killing his parents.

    Another one is a story set in the Bosnian War of Independence. For this one, the story centers on an Asian teenager who was kidnapped in the 80s. He was saved by a businessman, who is an arms dealer, although he knows the victim due to his relationship with his family. For the time being, the boy agreed to be trained by his men only if the businessman would help him find out who kidnapped him and why did it happen. All he knows that the answers lies in the former Yugoslavia in the midst of a civil war.