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  • Citrus

    I'm writing a piece of fiction that delves into a "what if" WWIII scenario. This scenario takes place in an alternate Earth where certain events in history are different than our own (for example there exists a Japan which is partitioned into East and West; East being Communist and West of course being anti Communist). The time is set in the Summer of 1986 (begins July 29) and the war begins with a Soviet/WP invasion of Yugoslavia which is soon followed by a larger invasion of Western Europe by the forces of Communism (begins August 2nd). I'm writing on the experiences of this war through the eyes of certain individuals scattered throughout this alternate world whether they live in Yugoslavia, Soviet Union, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey or East Japan. I haven't yet decided how far in the "future" to take the story e.g. X-Day plus 1 year.
    There are several main characters who will remain throughout the story and I've been working on them and will put them up soon. As for now what I do have are excerpts or snippets of what I've written. For the veterans out there please let me know if I'm making any goofs your input and experience is certainly welcome and needed. For those who live in countries that I may mention if you have any insight into landmarks, daily life, radio, TV, store names. prominent personalities from the mid 1980s please let me know, your insight is valued.
    Below is an excerpt from the story. It describes the experiences of a JNA Yugoslav Air Force pilot as he and three other flight members are sent to attack a Soviet bridgehead over the Sava River. It is the second day of the Soviet invasion of Yugoslavia (July 30, 1986):