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Russian Domestic Issues thread.

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  • Originally posted by flamming_python View Post
    He's the 'non-systemic' opposition and got thrown out on his ass.

    If he was smarter he would have gone the way of Ksenia Sobchak - who is running.

    Between her and the new KPRF candidate, Putin might struggle to maintain a majority - albeit he will still handily win any run-off.
    Plurality of Russian voters who distrust VVP and dislike his policy might vote for someone you did not mention at all.


    • Originally posted by blackcatnursery View Post
      Putin for President again then with 110% of the vote in free and fair elections.........
      Personally, I say let the self-righteous crusader run.

      He’ll get crushed no matter what, but at least it will put a dent in his ego.


      • I suspect the problem is, whilst Putin could easily demolish Navalny 'letting him run' would likely mean political interference in the courts which in turn gives the accusations of the President/Government etc controlling the courts some weight

        If anyone knows the laws on this better than myself I'd be interested to be corrected or else.....


        • This Sorosian tirade from early 2016 has not aged well:

          Literally everything Soros says has been proven false in one way or another. The stuff pertaining to this thread (regarding Russia's economy etc) is technically just a sidenote of his there, but totally wrong regardless. The main topic, namely Syria, is borderline hilarious to read in retrospect, now that the facts are in (incl UN migration data)

          Tells you a few things though, about what's been going on in the mind of this extremely, creepily influential person.


          • ooh, that long syberian roads...