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2020 US Presidential Election

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  • 2020 US Presidential Election

    The thread for everything related to the 2020 general election, the primaries, and the candidates involved. If you like trump and think he’ll be easily re-elected after the Mueller Probe charade. Or if Joe Biden can manage something for the Dems.

    First up, Joe Biden has begun his own grand apology tour by regretting how he treated Anita Hill so many years ago.

    Let's see what else he's sorry for.

    Anyway: debate civilly please, and on a personal note I’m more interested in thoughtful discussion rather than pages and pages full of memes to scroll through.

    Let’s get this started Messers!

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    I think it’s wide open right now. I find the “undecided” voters quite mysterious in this era of hyper-partisanship.


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      Has Trump won yet


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        Originally posted by blackcatnursery View Post
        Has Trump won yet
        Yes, he's already won, on illegals flooding into our country unchecked, turned loose, illegal, and no one knows who the ones, about 25,000, who came in not surrendering to border patrol are.

        Every comment I read today from Rio Grande Valley, was against the Democrats and against the illegals, and I mean Latinos who live there.


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          Finally someone spoke up about his inappropriate sexual conduct, of which we've seen photos of for years.

          Joe Biden accused of inappropriate conduct by former Nevada Dem candidate

          A former Democratic candidate in Nevada has accused former Vice President Joe Biden of inappropriate conduct during a 2014 campaign event.

          Lucy Flores detailed the encounter in a piece she wrote for New York Magazine’s The Cut, which was published on Friday.

          She claimed the incident happened at a campaign rally in early November 2014, when she was attempting to become the state’s lieutenant governor. Biden appeared at the event to help round up support for Democrats in Nevada, she wrote.
          Flores was in line, waiting to go on stage at the rally when she claimed to have “felt two hands on my shoulders.”

          “Why is the vice-president of the United States touching me?” she recalled.

          Flores claimed Biden sniffed her hair and “proceeded to plant a big slow kiss on the back of my head.”


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            Well, they call him Creepy Uncle Joe for a reason. I don't know why this kind of inappropriate touching and kissing hasn't been called out before. It's bizarre to say the least.


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              Originally posted by riderboy View Post
              Well, they call him Creepy Uncle Joe for a reason. I don't know why this kind of inappropriate touching and kissing hasn't been called out before. It's bizarre to say the least.
              It is bizarre. and creepy, and inappropriate.


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                Beto O'Rourke, fake Mexican, had a rally in El Paso. El Paso Times is hyping him up every day. Next stop - Houston - the lefty / Democrat cities in Texas.

                One of the Latino commenters on fb said "This POS took my Aunt and Uncle's house (in El Paso) away." (i.e. for "development")
                Another poster said they had heard, or other people had told them stories about losing their homes thanks to him.
                Trump supporters who met met near there, some Latinos for Trump, (about 200 ) said there was not 6,000 people there.

                Full text: Read Beto O'Rourke's El Paso rally speech



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                  I find it interesting how Kamala Harris, Beto, Corry Booker and Bernie Sanders are, verbatim, repeating the same expressions used by AOC: "climate change is an existential crisis".


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                    Well I mean what other issue for the hard left is still something that the hard left can gobble up, but find at least SOME support of some in the moderate side?

                    ​Intersectional trans-dimensional otherkin with 2000 genders so kill every huwhite cis male to bring on the Golden Land isn't it.


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                      Well, it is not so much the issue itself that bothers me, in fact polluting less would be a good thing.

                      The issue I have is that they use the exact same, and very specific, expression to talk about it.


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                        Oh no trust me I understand, it's just in relation to this specific strand, of why they keep saying it, it's simple. One, it keeps them all on the same page, and two, not to go Godwin on the first page, but it's the Goebbels thing about not just repeating even a lie, but a statement. A different constellation of facts is slowly built up everytime it goes unchallenged.

                        And it ensures the follow on action. Because if something is an existential crisis, isn't truly, well, anything​ justified in defense, response?

                        ​Socializing the economy, taking control of every aspect of your life because of the various reasons before didn't work. But to save Mother Earth?


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                          Latinos for Trump are getting fired up

                          7 mins ·
                          Why don't Democrats ever talk about human trafficking? Because they don't care about Latinos!


                          19 hrs ·
                          Marjorie Taylor Greene / Border Network News
                          Calling ALL Patriots!!! We are headed to the great state of Texas May 4th!!! BIG Rally in Austin!!! 10:00 am Waterloo Park!!
                          Texas is literally being invaded everyday with numbers rivaling a military invasion! We are fed up with American lives being lost due to illegal crimes and weak political legislation that does nothing!!!
                          Join me with Veteran and Angel Dad Chris Odette and many others who are fed up taking a stand to push back and say Enough!!! We are going to have a big line up!!!
                          This our country!!!
                          Don’t mess with Texas!!!
                          And don’t mess with America!!!


                          Conservatie Anthony
                          on Facebook

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                            Originally posted by riderboy View Post
                            Well, they call him Creepy Uncle Joe for a reason. I don't know why this kind of inappropriate touching and kissing hasn't been called out before. It's bizarre to say the least.
                            Well, I remember, back in the days, it was said to be because "that's the way he is" and "but you know, he just lost his son".

                            The Dems didn't make a fuss about it. Unlike for when Ted Cruze tried to kiss his own daughter.


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                              The Green New Deal as America’s Great Leap Forward

                              Peggy Noonan, in her Wall Street Journal column, recently pointed to disturbing similarities between our times and those of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution. Likewise, there are alarming similarities between the goals of Mao’s 1958 Great Leap Forward and those of the proposed Green New Deal that offer hard-earned lessons from history to any that will notice.
                              The Great Leap Forward and the Green New Deal share the same simple goal: radically transform the nation’s industrial and agricultural sectors to meet the most advanced standards of efficiency while also restructuring society to be in accord with enlightened ideals of justice.
                              They also share similar means for achieving that goal: marshal the collective resources of the entire nation as in war-time and regulate through centralized planning equitable distribution of those resources in order to overcome an existential threat.
                              Mao’s Great Leap Forward led to the greatest man-made disaster in recorded history. Staggering estimates range from 23 to 55 million people dying, mostly from starvation due to the unquestioned crackpot policies of Maoist ideology.