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Cowboy's Daughter's Texas/Mexico border thread

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  • Paloma for TRUMP was live.
    14 hrs ·

    Paloma for TRUMP was live.
    14 hrs ·



    • Cal Perry‏Verified account @CalNBC 16h16 hours ago

      South of Mission, Texas. Border patrol finds another group. More tomorrow, 8pm #MSNBC


      • 1h1 hour ago

        There are any number of reasons this “deal” should be opposed - but there is one iron-clad reason to do a short clean CR no matter your views on border security / the “deal” legislation just posted and is 1169 pages. This is the swamp in action, @realDonaldTrump. #2WeekCleanCR

        Mark Krikorian
        ‏Verified account @MarkSKrikorian
        1h1 hour ago

        Here's the 1,159-page funding bill that members of Congress are expected to vote on less than a day after seeing it:


        • In Ariz., Surge Of Migrant Families Trying To Cross Into U.S. Strains Resources
          February 13, 20194:10 PM ET

          The number of migrant families trying to cross the border has increased around Yuma, Ariz. On both sides, officials and advocates are straining to keep up as border security negotiations continue.

          ANTHONY PORVAZNIK: It is a crisis for us because this is a situation that the Border Patrol is not resourced or geared to deal with.

          ROSE: Anthony Porvaznik is the chief patrol agent in Yuma. He says the number of migrant families crossing in his sector is on pace to double again this year. Porvaznik says his agents are spending hours caring for the migrants in their custody, picking up hundreds of hamburgers at a time from McDonald's and waiting with them at the hospital if they need medical attention.

          PORVAZNIK: We need additional manpower to deal with the population that we have to essentially babysit, and that takes Border Patrol agents away from a national security, border security mission to deal with a humanitarian mission.


          • Agents begin processing migrants from latest Central American caravan in Eagle Pass, Texas

            Feb. 13, 2019 - 2:18 - Asylum-seekers first face three-hour 'credible fear interview' to determine eligibility; Casey Stegall reports.




              He told his daughter "jokingly" to travel in the migrant caravan and she came with eight more relatives to her house
              Glendy Pineda was reunited with his family, from Guatemala, after they spent eight days detained by the Border Patrol. Now, with the nine people he received at home, they not only worry about their livelihood, but also about the legal advice they need to carry out their immigration process.



              • OPR
                ‏ @OPR_Noticias
                This morning the 6th caravan of migrants left for the USA. About 50 people boarded a bus in the Salvador del Mundo square around 2:30 AM and left for Guatemala. They were elusive with our team. They say they migrate because of economic problems and insecurity.



                • American Border Patrol shared a post.
                  2 hrs
                  55 miles for east Texas- nothing for the rest of the border. And don't expect much more out of the next budget!

                  SPENCER: Border bill: "Wall" for Rio Grande Sector only! Nothing for Arizona, New Mexico or California!

                  SEC. 230. (a) Of the total amount made available under "U.S. Customs and Border Protection-Procurement, Construction, and Improvements",
                  $2,370,222,000 shall be available only as follows:

                  (1) $1,375,000,000 is for the construction of primary pedestrian fencing, including levee pedestrian fencing, in the Rio Grande Valley Sector;
                  (2) $725,000,000 is for the acquisition and deployment of border security technologies and trade and travel assets and infrastructure, to include $570,000,000 for non-intrusive inspection equipment at ports of entry; and
                  (3) $270,222,000 is for construction and facility improvements, to include $222,000,000 for humanitarian needs, $14,775,000 for Office of Field Operations facilities, and $33,447,000 for Border Patrol station facility improvements



                  • Piedras Negras / Eagle Pass, no link, link showed his dead body. drowned attempting to swim Rio Grande / Rio Bravo

                    google translate ugh. It was an illegal migrant.

                    This morning appeared floating the body of a person with a migrant characteristic, the bravo river has been rescued in one week more than 38 Central Americans trying to cross illegally.


                    • Trump will sign border security bill, declare national emergency, White House says

                      Before the Senate vote, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the president would sign the compromise bill, and would take executive action to unlock other federal dollars for the wall.
                      “President Trump will sign the government funding bill, and as he has stated before, he will also take other executive action -- including a national emergency -- to ensure we stop the national security and humanitarian crisis at the border," Sanders said in a statement. "The president is once again delivering on his promise to build the wall, protect the border, and secure our great country.”


                      • First asylum-seeking families returned to Tijuana under 'Remain in Mexico' program

                        Just over two weeks after U.S. officials began sending asylum seekers back to Tijuana while their claims are processed on the north side of the border, the first families were returned to Mexico on Wednesday.
                        The Trump administration’s “Migrant Protection Protocols” — known more informally as “Remain in Mexico” — began as a pilot at the San Ysidro Port of Entry with single adults from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala being returned to Tijuana to wait for court dates in the States. In its first two weeks, 47 asylum-seeking adults were returned.

                        As rain moved in over the border region on Wednesday, a couple, four mothers and a total of 10 children were sent back to the El Chaparral plaza, where foot traffic that enters at PedWest by the outlet mall spills out into Tijuana, according to Mexican immigration officials.
                        Some single adult returnees who know they would have ended up in detention centers for the duration of their cases said they are grateful that at least they are still free while their claims are pending.
                        Tonatiuh Guillen, the head of Mexico’s immigration agency, said last monththat Mexico would not accept returnees under 18 and would not allow the program to expand beyond Tijuana.
                        Trump administration officials have said they would expand the program to other ports of entry along the southwest border and that the program could grow to include people from other countries.


                        • More than 200 migrants are transferred to Sonora, Tamaulipas and NL, there remain 1,400 in shelter

                          A group of more than 200 migrants belonging to the caravan of Central Americans that since February 5 is located in Piedras Negras, were moved to the cities of Hermosillo, Sonora, Monterrey, Nuevo León, and Reynosa Tamaulipas, escorted by staff of the Institute National Immigration, Federal Police and Fuerza Coahuila, informed the Secretary of State Security, José Luis Pliego Corona.

                          According to the figures that transpired, 44 migrants were taken to Hermosillo, Sonora; 73 to Monterrey, Nuevo León; and 90 to Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

                          Pliego Corona also stated that of the 1,880 migrants who arrived on February 5 at Piedras Negras, there remain 1,400.

                          Likewise, he confirmed that the hostile group of migrants continues inside the shelter.


                          McAllen, Texas, Laredo, Texas, Nogales, Arizona to Tijuana.

                          Hermosillo map


                          Monterrey, Nuevo León


                          Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico



                          • The last I read, I think only about 70 wanted to stay in Mexico and work.

                            They propose to companies to obtain houses for migrants who stay to work

                            The municipality proposed to the companies of Piedras Negras the possibility of obtaining houses for migrants who wish to work and even pay them the first month of rent as they acquire purchasing power to take charge, said the director of Economic Development of the Municipality, Javier Berain.

                            "In the case of Saltillo they do not have any problem, there, the Zapalinamé company has the infrastructure to offer them where to spend the night and eat, but in the case of Piedras Negras we are asking the companies to help them get a house for rent and pay them the first month".

                            It is sought to be from the second month when the migrant who decides to stay to work in Piedras Negras pay the rent and services of the house where he is staying overnight.
                            In Piedras Negras there are 138 vacancies, and in Saltillo there is an offer of around 200 jobs for migrants.

                            He added that Father Pepe will support the migrants with blankets and mattresses so they can live in the rental houses.


                            • 41 migrants arrived at Acuña who left the shelter in Piedras Negras because of conflicts

                              Ciudad Acuña received 41 members of the caravan of Central American migrants who decided to leave the general shelter in Piedras Negras, after some conflicts arose.

                              The secretary of the City Council, Felipe Basulto Corona, ruled out that they are problematic people, but seek asylum in the United States.

                              He added that there is coordination with the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) of Del Rio, Texas, in addition to providing them with humane treatment, verifying their legal status.

                              In that sense, the official explained that 15 of them have permission to transit freely through the country.

                              While the remaining 26, including children, women and even entire families, have no documentation, so they were sheltered in the community center Farms Valley.


                              • February 14, 2019, Piedras Negras.
                                - Outside the shelter was arrested a male person who turned out to be of Honduran nationality, carrying drugs called crystal.

                                Santiago Espinoza Eguía, coordinator of the crime investigation and investigation unit, indicated that the arrest was made this week.

                                He said that police elements detected the person of foreign nationality in a suspicious attitude while walking from one side to another on the outside of the shelter.

                                He said that he was presented before a judge of control to initiate a judicial process, nevertheless he proceeded to put it at the disposal of the National Migration Institute so that the corresponding procedures for their respective repatriation will be carried out.

                                He said that inquiries are being made to verify if the Honduran belongs to the caravan of migrants that arrived in Piedras Negras on February 4.