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    Originally posted by Marsch View Post

    My opinion is formed by facts and studies while yours is formed by fear mongering and lies.
    That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard anyone say, especially when I just posted a video with THE BORDER PATROL who put their lives on the line every day, saying the opposite of what you say.


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      In remote Starr County, federal agents say a wall will slow smuggling as landowners and nature tourists question the need for a border barrier.

      Shortly after sundown, U.S. Border Patrol agents notice a man trying to walk nonchalantly toward a soccer field a few hundred feet from the banks of the Rio Grande. Three other men are nervously observing a youth soccer practice. They wear identical New York Yankees sweatpants over their jeans.

      Within moments, Border Patrol agents jump out of SUVs to arrest the men, who put up no resistance. The parking lot is flooded with headlights and tumult from the arrests, but the teenagers on the field barely look up. They keep practicing shots, joking and bantering.

      “We see this every day,” explains the kids’ coach, Roel Barrera. “It’s pretty normal for us.”

      Border Patrol officials call this stretch of the Rio Grande, the 70 miles in Starr County, the most volatile of the entire southern border. The area has the second-most immigration arrests, trailing only the neighboring McAllen station, and the second-most narcotics seizures, just behind a station in Arizona, according to station chief Ryan Landrum.

      The U.S. Border Patrol says a plan to build 32 miles of border wall in Starr County, at an estimated cost of $784 million, will help agents gain control of the area.


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        Battle between warring cartels leaves 21 dead in Tamaulipas

        Some of the dead were disguised as marines

        Inter-gang warfare in Tamaulipas left 21 people dead after a battle in the border municipality of Miguel Alemán.
        State Attorney General Irving Barrios said yesterday’s discovery of the bodies followed a missing persons report filed by a local woman looking for her husband.
        At the same time, authorities received a report of two rival criminal gangs embroiled in a shootout in the region.

        Barrios explained that the warring parties have been identified as the Gulf and Northeast cartels, which are fighting for territorial control in that part of Tamaulipas. >>> IN OTHER WORDS, WHERE THE BORDER IS CROSSED.


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          Originally posted by Sideline View Post
          And even THAT is merely your opinion. Congratulations! You've expressed your opinion, now let others have theirs without judging where their opinion comes from .... in your opinion.
          No, it isn't and her opinion is demonstrably false.

          Originally posted by Cowboy's daughter View Post

          That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard anyone say, especially when I just posted a video with THE BORDER PATROL who put their lives on the line every day, saying the opposite of what you say.
          Please tell me what is wrong or dumb when I state that special interest alien doesn't equals terrorist? What is wrong when I say that not a single terrorist was apprehended entering your country via the southern border in over 40 years?

          Like I've said you're basing your opinion on fear mongering and lies while mine is based on facts and studies.


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            Originally posted by Marsch View Post
            Like I've said you're basing your opinion on fear mongering and lies while mine is based on facts and studies.
            TYT hardly qualifies as anything remotely close to "facts", "studies" or even "reliable source".

            But sure, whatever floats your boat.
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              Originally posted by Marsch
              What is wrong when I say that not a single terrorist was apprehended entering your country via the southern border in over 40 years?
              You should stop exclusively relying on a leftist entertainment YouTube channel for your information.

              Even if we’re to go with the most conservative numbers not disputed by even the leftists, the US has apparently stopped 6 non-US citizens on the terrorist watch list from entering the country in just the first half of 2018.

              The fact the lack of protection on our borders poses a security risk isn’t even questioned by anyone with a brain on either side of the isle. The never-trumpers are only suddenly opposed to border protection (which even Obama recognized needed improvement) because it’s Trump’s political campaign slogan.


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                Obama Border Patrol Chief Begs Donald Trump to ‘Stay the Course’ on Border Wall

                President Donald Trump gained an unlikely ally in his push for a wall along the southern border of the United States, the man who served as border patrol chief under former President Barack Obama.
                Mark Morgan served for six months under Obama before being asked to step down by Trump when he took office. While he’s largely kept his opinions to himself, on Tuesday, before Trump addressed the nation, Morgan vocalized his support for the president’s plans. He told Law & Crime that “the wall works” and explained that Trump is “correct in what he’s doing.”


                Well, would you look at that. The Deporter in Chief's border patrol chief agrees with Drumpf.

                Haven't watched what is said in the TYT video, but I am pretty sure this is not mentioned.

                Also, Obama, Schumer and Hillary supported the idea of such a wall in the past. But eh! TYT "facts and studies" amirite?


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                  The U.S. sends thousands of deportees each month to Mexico’s most dangerous border areas


                  REYNOSA, Mexico — The deportees arrive after dark, usually between 100 and 200 of them, deposited by U.S. immigration officials at a bridge that connects the United States to one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico.

                  Many of the deportees, all Mexican, have been living illegally in the United States for years, and they don’t know Reynosa’s reputation. It is the least secure city in Mexico, according to a government survey. It is in a state, Tamaulipas, that is the only place along Mexico’s northern border to carry the State Department’s most severe travel warning, putting it in the same category as Afghanistan and North Korea.

                  From 2017 to 2018, the number of homicides more than doubled to 225 in the city of 600,000. At least another 2,500 people are missing. Criminal groups enrich themselves through kidnapping and extortion, with migrants among their most common targets.


                  In 2016, Mexico's federal government agreed to limit deportations from the United States to 12 border crossings, including Reynosa. It was an attempt to streamline the process, even though the inclusion of several dangerous locations in Mexico angered local officials and raised human rights concerns.

                  “On the Mexican side, it’s been hard for the government to admit that part of their border is so insecure that the U.S. shouldn’t send anyone there.”


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                    'Whatever it takes': Brother of slain officer backs Trump on border

                    Reggie Singh, brother of the police officer killed in California by an illegal immigrant last month, told President Trump Thursday that their family is “fully” behind whatever the White House needs to do to stop illegal immigration.

                    Mr. Singh was with Mr. Trump in McAllen, Texas, where the president was visiting the border to make the case for his border wall.

                    The Singhs were legal immigrants to the U.S. from Fiji and Ronil Singh desperately wanted to become a police officer, earning his citizenship to be eligible, his brother said.

                    Police say Singh was killed after a traffic stop on Gustavo Perez Arriaga, who had snuck into the U.S. via the border in Arizona.

                    “The way he was killed, what my family’s going through right now, I do not want any other family, law enforcement person to go through that,” Mr. Singh said of his brother. “Whatever it takes to minimize, put a stop to that, I fully support that.”


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                      Texas has half the border and borders four Mexican states—Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila, and Chihuahua—the most of any U.S. states. New Mexico and Arizona each borders two Mexican states (Chihuahua and Sonora; Sonora and Baja California, respectively). California borders only Baja California.


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                        Originally posted by Sideline View Post

                        I'll explain further my meaning for you.
                        Obama lied flat out about his crap Obamacare and people losing their current health care provider.... as an example. THAT was a false statement....He lied.

                        Trump says Mexico will pay for the wall. First of all it has not come to pass yet, so pause your outrage.

                        Secondly...Payment can come in many forms. Not always a lump sum, or payments over time. Corporations as an example pass the cost on to consumers all the time. The United States just may pass the cost onto Mexico over an extended period of time. I don't know which way Trump meant honestly, but to outrage over something that has not come to pass is silly.

                        I don't work for the government, nor do I suck the tit of the government either.... just in case you're wondering that too.
                        Personally I'm noticing the government shutdown about as much as i did when Obama did it. NONE.

                        Bottom line.
                        You see our Southern border security as screeching.

                        I support helping to securing our southern border, and if a wall/barrier will help the men and women protecting our border do their job more safely and efficiently.... GREAT! That alone is worth paying for the wall/barrier ourselves.

                        PS. J. Noah, since you're here, when are you going to create the thread about the Russians intervening in our fragile lives? Not important to you anymore?
                        Also, considering persons from countries other than Mexico, such as India, China, etc. also illegally cross our borders you should support the wall.
                        Because you know as well as I do that they could very well be RUSSIANS too. OH the dilemma!

                        Well, its a shame that you took Obama's healthcare statement so literal.

                        There is no need for a Rude Goldberg explanation about Trump's dishonest platform. Trump's Mexico policy had been clearly conveyed since the start of his campaign. Mexico would front the complete expense of border wall construction. Mexico's contribution to the wall, would then free up tax payers money to solve other agenda items. Alternative avenues of extracting payments from Mexico were never part of Trump's platform. These are only recent conversations because Trump finally realized that he needed a scapegoat from his false promise to his supporters.

                        International Relations 101 should of dispelled the myth of forcing a country to pay anything right away, the rules of Sovereignty and Anarchy in particular. You cannot just "pass" anything to any country. Trump's revised concept of recouping wall funds from tarrifs and bi-lateral trade does not make any sense. The overall burden will eventually be placed on American business and the American tax payer. It looks like we agree on this, "Corporations as an example pass the cost on to consumers all the time." This is a classic prisoners dilemma. Mexico will not absorb a net loss on behalf of the United States.

                        I do not understand the need to shut the government down over this issue. Republicans dance around the accountability issue when they are interviewed or they just blame Pelosi, in which she really had nothing to do with any of this. President Trump did not find the issue that much of a crisis that warranted a government shut down while the Republicans controlled the House and Senate. Republicans did not come to a conclusion over the border issue when they had full control. Why not? Democrats have some share of the blame on the issue as well. Both parties wanted immigration bills "there way" and never wanted to compromise on anything. However, this does not absolve a two year Republican stalemate over this issue.

                        The whole "protecting men and women at the border" is just an emotional ploy to cover up a failed policy. Republican's who proclaim themselves as the 'party of fiscal responsibility', could not come to terms with Trump's proposal. If the crisis of human beings were such a concern, Republicans would of just accepted DACA and funded Obama's border security proposal long ago. But giving 17 year olds working visa's is just so un-american I guess. Years later, we are now holding American workers hostage because it was about the party, not the people.


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                          FALFURRIAS, Texas — While walking along a dirt road bordering his property, a South Texas farmer complained about living in fear of Mexican traffickers smuggling drugs and illegal immigrants across his land. He would later ask his visitor not to reveal his identity, for his safety and that of his family.

                          "I'm a citizen of the United States. This is supposedly sovereign soil, but right now it's anybody's who happens to be crossing here," he said. "I'm a little nervous being here right now. Definitely don’t come down here after dark."

                          The farmer said a federal law enforcement agent told him to buy a bulletproof vest to use while working in his fields. Whenever he goes out to survey his agricultural operations, he always tells his office where he is headed, and he has purchased a high-powered rifle.

                          "One of the basic points of the federal government is to protect the people of this nation to secure the border, and they're not doing that," he complained.

                          Moving families to safer ground
                          A report recently released by the Texas commissioner of agriculture said cross-border violence was escalating. "Fear and anxiety levels among Texas farmers and ranchers have grown enormously during the past two years," the report said, adding that some “have even abandoned their livelihoods to move their families to safer ground."

                          Retired U.S. Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey, who served as the U.S. drug czar during the Clinton administration and as an NBC News military analyst, is a co-author of the report. During a recent interview, McCaffrey said that while major cities along the Texas border are "pretty safe," the rural areas between towns are "largely unprotected, and across those areas the (Mexican) cartels are conducting massive movements of illegal drugs and other criminal activity."

                          A war zone?
                          Todd Staples, the Texas agriculture commissioner and a candidate for lieutenant governor, argued that many leaders in Washington, D.C., continue to ignore the violence along the border. In a recent article he wrote, "A Webb County rancher checking his cattle is shot at and barely escapes with his life; the suspects are linked to drug cartels. Workers in a Hidalgo County sugarcane field are told by cartel members to stop harvesting the crop 'or else," because the sugarcane provides coverage for cartel coyotes smuggling drugs."


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                            Originally posted by J.Noah ה View Post

                            Well, its a shame that you took Obama's healthcare statement so literal...opinions....upsetness....blah
                            Are you J. Noah #1, or J. Noah #2 ? I get it, you don't like Trump, and you've figured out everything. Even how my concern for my fellow Americans defending our border is just emotional ploy...never mind the actual people on the front line WANTING the resources.

                            Honest questions to you.... Do you have a younger sibling that perhaps posts on your account? Do you still feel the need to discuss how the Russians will forever intervene in our fragile lives?

                            You just sound upset about the whole situation. It'll be okay, one day the gubberment will open. Perhaps the Dems will give the funding like they funded border security the years before Trump. Stay positive J. Noah...... to all of you's J. Noah's
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                              Sara A. Carter
                              ‏Verified account @SaraCarterDC
                              1h1 hour ago

                              Sara A. Carter Retweeted Denzil J. Ward

                              Actually an ICE official said the average cost for smuggling from India is $80,000 - Bangladesh would be roughly the same - for various reasons these OTMs can’t come in on a regular Visa and they claim political asylum as soon as they turn themselves over to Border Patrol/ICE-


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                                Acting Border Patrol Chief For Rio Grande Valley Requests 120 Mile Border Barrier


                                The acting border patrol chief for the Rio Grande Valley told Fox News he wants to see another 120 miles of border fencing in his Texas sector and an increase in the number of agents.

                                “Right now we would like to see about another 120 miles of fencing in this sector alone. We’ve got 277 miles of river country. It winds an awful lot,” Raul Ortiz said.

                                “But if we were able to get the infrastructure, a few more agents and certainly the technology, I like our chances against the transnational criminal organizations out there,” he continued. “What I say to anybody who says we don’t need those things, come walk in my shoes.”

                                Fox News’s Pete Hegseth said Ortiz appreciates President Donald Trump’s hands-on approach to the border crisis and said anyone who knows border security will stipulate that a wall is absolutely necessary.

                                “[Ortiz] went on to say he really appreciates this president for the first time any president — willing to come down to the border, talk to the agents and the real experts. When I asked him, when I said, ‘Hey, critics of president say that they’ve got experts that tell them that walls aren’t necessary,’ he just laughed and said I’ve never met these experts,” Hegseth said on “Fox & Friends” Friday. “Anyone who’s been here knows you got to have a wall.”