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  • Barack message to Danes...

    Ah, words of a Marxist-Globalist...

    Former President Barack Obama on Friday lectured Europeans on rising nationalism across the continent and beyond while speaking before entrepreneurs in Denmark — two days after taking a swipe at the Trump administration’s environmental policy in Norway.

    “I’m concerned enough about the international and American trends that I thought it was important to offer my views,” Obama, who is on a break from campaigning for Democrats ahead of the midterm elections for a series of speaking engagements around Europe, told attendees of a business forum in the central city of Kolding.

    “When you start seeing our politics driven completely free of facts, when you start seeing a debate that is driven solely on racial or nationalistic impulses, when you start seeing a rejection of science and expertise and logic in politics… we are beyond the sort of politics that will continue our best traditions,” Obama continued, as quoted by Agence France-Presse.

    Free of fact!? He is actually speaking of his 8 years as the US President!

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      obama is an enterpreneurs?


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        I've seen this movie before and it's one of my favorites! Sir Ian Murray McKellen nails Obama's character.


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          Please keep him over there! Thanks!


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            Gotta love his absolute lack of self awareness though.


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              The President of the United States visited Denmark? Sorry we were kind of busy shutting down the entire country, because of a stolen Volvo.

              Vehicular theft is very important to us.


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                Out of interest how many realize the right(centre don't rock the boat) also have their very own world order.