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Bolton Vows to Not Cooperate with International Criminal Court, Threatens Sanctions

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    Originally posted by muck View Post
    So… here's the scenario; say an American tourist kills a French citizen in a bar fight, is arrested and tried. Does Bolton wish to go against France for doing so as well? 'cause that's the final destination of what he's suggesting here: That foreign courts cannot act under their own jurisdiction if the White House doesn't want it.


    Every precedent you create is going to bite you in the ass. For instance, carry out that 9/11 verdict which is completely ignoring international law – a law the United States had a hand in writing, I hasten to add –, and other countries will seize American funds at will. Prevent the ICC from acting within its jurisdiction, and other countries will start ignoring your jurisdiction as well. If you just shit all over foreign sovereignty, why should a foreign government provide administrative assistance?

    Why of course, you could threaten sanctions or use of force in response – but why? Do you want to tank your economy that badly? Every country engaged in such douchebaggery has a major recession coming. Investors hate legal uncertainty.

    You know… I always took you for a cool guy, but sometimes you're just a dick. It doesn't mean jackshit he's not American; he's entitled to his opinion.


    Love ya man!

    Anywho, his opinion is just mildly interesting, but more importantly, utterly irrelevant.