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Anthony Kennedy retiring from Supreme Court

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  • Anthony Kennedy retiring from Supreme Court

    Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Trump called Kennedy a "great justice" who has displayed "tremendous vision and heart." He said a search for his successor will start "immediately."
    The president's first nominee to the court, conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch, has already had an enormous effect on U.S. policy in narrowly decided rulings this week related to Trump's ban on travel from certain countries, abortion and labor unions. The president said his next choice would come from a previously released list of 25 candidates. Possible candidates when Trump chose a replacement for the late archconservative Antonin Scalia included Appeals Judges Thomas Hardiman and William Pryor, among others.
    Replacing Kennedy with a conservative could have a massive long-term effect on the highest U.S. court. His decision to leave will have huge implications for the midterm elections, as Democrats and Republicans battle for control of the Senate. The chamber confirms Supreme Court justices.
    A Supreme Court vacancy could serve to motivate voters, as a young justice would have a chance to serve for decades. Democratic control of the Senate may force Trump to make a more moderate choice for the seat.

    Senate Republicans will try to fill Kennedy's seat before November. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday "we will vote to confirm Justice Kennedy's successor this fall." McConnell blocked then-President Barack Obama's nominee to fill Scalia's seat, Judge Merrick Garland, clearing the way for Trump to nominate Gorsuch.

    Kennedy has always been a rogue card and with him retiring the Supreme Court may finally starting allowing certs for 2A court cases.

    Democrats are not taking this well:
    DNC Rules committee meeting interrupted by news of Justice Kennedy's retirement. Cries of ‘Ohh’ and ‘Oh my God.’ ‘This is not good news.'

    How it sounded inside a DNC committee meeting the moment Justice Kennedy’s retirement was announced

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    I'm not surprised the Dems don't like this. The court already ;lets conservatives punch above their weight: with another one on it could give them a reach far beyond their actual demographic power base, able to stranglehold the nation even when the Republicans aren't in power.

    If they elect another arch-conservatives the Supreme court could just become the GOP's tool for dismissing the rights of everyone who's not white, straight , male or Christian. It's not just a 'suck this libtards' moment but has real and harmful consequences for the health, legal rights and economic situation of hundreds of millions. So yeah, the DNC won't like it.

    The next appointee could also be a yes-man who helps shield the President from legal proceedings should it be found he's done any wrongdoings.

    Or they could elect someone with a brain or two and not go about undoing the progress of the last fifty years.

    So who will it be?


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      Looks like Kennedy retiring is triggering all sorts of Leftist snowflakes:

      Anthony Kennedy, how dare you retire from the Supreme Court now, allowing an Illegitimate monster like Trump to replace you. All you had to do was wait til November. You just killed America, you asshole.

      Anthony Kennedy is a real asshole.
      Justice Anthony Kennedy's legacy is cemented- extremist. During the Sandra Day O'Connor years he was an interesting voice of moderation. After she left, he became a hard right-winger. With Citizens United and now leaving so Trump can appoint next justice, he'll leave as a zealot.

      History Books will not remember Justice Kennedy for his 30 years of important decisions, but the single decision he made today It's a shame that he's willing to throw away his legacy in order to allow a madman to appoint a replacement America Hurts #MidtermsBeforeSCOTUS
      How very cool of Justice Kennedy to pour kerosene on the current dumpster fire that is America. The Roe v Wade riots should provide fine entertainment for him in his retirement.

      Man this is priceless.

      So he helped bring about gay marriage in the nation and now suddenly he's an asshole and a zealot for retiring.

      Never change you dumb bastards, never change.
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        If you end up with another Gorsuch clone that would probably be a good thing. He's impressed me so far.


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          So far the pool doesn't look so bad. Pryor's not really up my alley but the rest look like normal conservatives.


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            Hah if Trump really wanted to troll the Democrat's he'd nominate Garland again. He was noted as a friend of big government pretty much always siding with government departments and agencies. The ideal chap to go along with deportation plans and other such ideas. Then sit back and watch the spluttering, frothing and ranting.

            Don Willett would be my favourite outcome.


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              On social media, the left's outrage over Kennedy's retirement is almost as large as Trump's election victory.

              This is going to be very interesting.


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                Isn't the guy 81 ? How dare he retire !

                He should be pulled from the chair a corpse.


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                  Originally posted by HisRoyalHighness View Post
                  On social media, the left's outrage over Kennedy's retirement is almost as large as Trump's election victory.

                  This is going to be very interesting.


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                    Handy Dandy Guide

                    Is this good for the country?
                    Are Libtards upset? ——— Yes——— It is good for the country
                    Probably not good for the country


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                      Yes, yes America.

                      You are all going to die now.

                      Everybody is.

                      You. Are. All.Going.To. Die.

                      Especially the liberals. You are going to die a lot.


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                        Sounds exactly like budgie...


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                          Jebbus wept. This is what you get from a childhood of never being told "no, you can't always have it your own way".


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                            I’d like a short list of black female conservative hanging judges who are hard as nails but like to give socially liberal hugs sometimes.

                            That will make CSPAN confirmation hearings exciting.

                            The most exciting thing since pubic hairs on coke cans from 25 ish years ago. Woohoo!


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                              Originally posted by Ivan le Fou View Post
                              These asshats insult the memory of all those who died in the death camps in Nazi Germany and all throughout the world.

                              They absolutely deserve the ass kicking they are getting by both fate, Trump, and the USSC.