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Trump signs VA Mission Act

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  • Trump signs VA Mission Act

    I'm not sure why this was so hard to get done or why it hasn't been done before. Expanding the ability of vets to choose their own Doctors, speeding up healthcare claims and expanding healthcare services for vets.

    Trump signs VA Mission Act — this is a health care win for vets
    Ideas piloted through a VA innovations center, like managed care, have the ability to truly transform VA’s ability to provide timely care to veterans and allow VA to refocus on its mission. They also provide a long-overdue opportunity for taxpayers to see a return on the investment they have made in caring for those “who have borne the battle.” The MISSION Act provides VA with a chance to write its own third act and to define its own legacy. Either VA can continue along its current path of a Shakespearean tragedy, or it can become the dramatic hero.