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Bill Clinton likes the #metoo movement.

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  • Bill Clinton likes the #metoo movement.

    #metoo,#nosituationalawareness, #bigfuckinghypocrite

    Former President Bill Clinton lost his cool when asked if he had apologized to Monica Lewinksy in an interview with NBC News that aired Monday morning. “I like the #MeToo movement,” he said. “It’s way overdue. It doesn’t mean I agree with everything.”
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    I especially enjoyed the way he tried to maneuver out of the "I'm fair game for criticism" target scope by trying to compare and perhaps elevate his stature to that of JFK and LBJ.


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      He and his wife are two peas in a pod: "I didn't do nothing wrong." They're both despicable.


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        the clintons are hypocrites full stop


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          The Clintons really need to just STFU. I realize Bill has a new book he wants to sell, but he steps in it every time he's interviewed. He tries again and comes up with this pity party. I remember all f this quite well, had it not been for that little blue dress, the Clintons would have successfully destroyed Lewinsky as a total nut case. Then there are all the rest of his victims.....

          Instead of putting what he did all those years ago in today's context -- acknowledging that he abused his power in taking advantage of a young employee, recognizing that it caused her pain and ended all chances of her leading full and normal life, and taking responsibility for trying to discredit her -- he made it entirely about himself.

          "It was very painful thing that happened 20 years ago," he said. "I have had to live with the consequences every day since."


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            Tehran has the answer! (oh, they are the premier country to speak on such an issue!)


            ( – Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei took to social media on Wednesday to contend that Islam holds the answer to the problems of sexual mistreatment of women in Western societies.

            If women were to wear the hijab, he argued, they would be spared such depraved behavior.


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              Originally posted by riderboy View Post
              #metoo,#nosituationalawareness, #bigfuckinghypocrite

              Bill thinks #metoo is an invite to a threesome


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                After all, #metoo is supposed to be pronounced "pound me too".

                So... I mean... honest mistake.