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Hypocrisy of the Rich and Famous

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  • Hypocrisy of the Rich and Famous

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      check this up
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        Bill Clinton basically "got away" with either raping, or sexually trapping, or seducing so many women it is unreal. Weinstein is a creep deluxe and makes my skin crawl. Fat unshaven and ugly is no way to go thru life Weinstein.
        With Clinton it was almost the perfect M.O. of a power man sexual predator using his power of big shot, boss, political mover who can get a woman a job, or banish her from working 'in this town ever again". If Monica Lewinsky had not kept the famous Blue Dress with his man juice on it as uncleaned and stored it....she would have just been another woman who no one would have believed.

        Think about Bill Cosby, and Lewis C.K. and Dustin Hoffman, etc.


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          As one women said this is not a Republican or Democrat issue. BTW Guma thanks for your second link.


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            Bill Clinton’s violent sexual assault/rape history is a problem for the Dems NOW? Well sure, because Hillary lost and they’re gutted and toothless politically. A year ago he was energetically promoted as the future co-President with Hillary and Obama gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


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                The pandering liberal Hollywood.

                Wealthy beyond belief yet lecturing others in the name of the poor.

                Embroiled in sexual scandals and aware of practices generalized in the business. Yet they remain silent while lecturing others.

                Grand standing, virtue signaling, arrogant, etc... hypocrites.