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I'm right and you're wrong - US Politics Thread

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  • I'm right and you're wrong - US Politics Thread

    Welcome President Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States.
    Born June 14, 1946 in New York City.
    Wikipedia Page

    Time for a new thread on President Trump's politics, policies, nominations etc.

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    I'll start!

    President Trump has announced and signed orders that, as part of his campaign promises to hire and buy American, he will be moving his ties, suits, dress shirts, eyeglasses and accessories manufacturing lines to America. This will coincide with his executive pressure to punish companies that offshore work and threats to add tariffs to products they try to import back to the US.

    The apparel work in China will be moved to Texas and Ohio. The Bangladesh lines will be moved to Kentucky and the Honduras apparel lines will be moved Kansas.

    In addition, Trump Home Items currently made in China and Turkey will be moved to Wisconsin.

    This is part of his promise to Make America Great Again and bring jobs back to America.

    Yeah right, I just made all of this up.


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      On a serious note, if he wants another 4 years he needs to deliver on his promises of better paying jobs. The same swing states that voted for Obama but switched to Trump can easily swing back. I had high hopes that he would drain the swamp. Nope, Government Sachs still has a foothold and despite his promise, major donors are part of his cabinet. I personally don't like the guy but if he could bring quality jobs to millions of Americans in middle America that need it, then he'll have my vote in 2020.


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        After Inauguration, Trump Signs First Series of Orders

        As expected, President Trump signed legislation that cleared the way for retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, his defense secretary pick to oversee the Pentagon.


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          "Pitchforks and torches in the streets if we don't deliver"

          -Ted Cruz.

          Give Trump a chance, and God bless America.


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            2016 Errection thread has been closed. This one renamed.


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              Originally posted by Ulytau View Post
              I read news about protests in USA,which is normal but same time i read news about protests in other countries against Trump,seriously WHAT THE FUCK.
              Ulytau Can you share some links?


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                Originally posted by archibald harry tuttle View Post

                Ulytau Can you share some links?




                Also this



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                  the article about ghay rights removed from the site of white house.


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                    Hejsan hoppsan, my American friends. Here's to hoping that the next four years turn out great, cheers!


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                      If the salt from the election wasn't enough, Jewish democrats and the ADL are calling Trump's "America First" slogan anti-semitic because someone 70 years ago used it and was connected to Hitler.


                      Originally posted by ATSzmrots

                      Hur dur he sounds like Bane ebil super villian Trump.
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                        Originally posted by Token White Guy View Post
                        If the salt from the election wasn't enough, Jewish democrats and the ADL are calling Trump's "America First" slogan anti-semitic because someone 70 years ago used it and was connected to Hitler.
                        Many bad people from the past have also wanted to make their country 'great again'. Maybe he should change that slogan too, so no one will take offence. How about instead of 'make america great again', people would use 'make america crustacean'? Just to be on the safe side...


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                          'Old dog sticking to his old tricks!' Internet calls out Bill Clinton for 'checking out Ivanka Trump' - until he gets busted by Hillary

                          Read more:
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                          Dat ass


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                            Yes, so much continued angst from the Dems. If they keep this up by 2020 they should be able to have their national convention in a telephone booth, they're halfway there already. Nice to have a competent team in charge, very excited to have a positive, can-do guy who gives a shit about this country.


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                              Tell you what, Melania is not too hard on the eyes. Nothing against Michelle, she's just a big girl. Her staff tried hard to camoflage the caboose, but we could all see the elephant in the tent. Bill Clinton looked like death warmed over.