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The Swedish Kings of Cyberwar

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  • The Swedish Kings of Cyberwar

    On April 24, 2013, just weeks before Edward Snowden went public with his leaks about mass surveillance by the National Security Agency, General Keith B. Alexander, then the head of the NSA, welcomed a group of Swedish intelligence officials to a secret three-day meeting at NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. In the delegation were Ingvar Åkesson, the longtime director of Sweden’s National Defense Radio Establishment (known as the FRA, for Försvarets radioanstalt), a shadowy Swedish government intelligence agency, and five members of Åkesson’s senior staff. One of the aims of the meeting was to discuss Sweden’s growing importance to the NSA.

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    Long article and I haven't read it all but I welcome our new hacking overlords. Problem is this article looks, smells and tastes like Surströmming.


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      As the king I thought that it would be approprate for me to explain the kings position on this matter....

      When we snoop on Russian emails it's fine as we are the good guys. When we share that information with the Muricans it's not as good as they are not as faultless and morally superior as us but it's still fine as we like their fine food and culture.
      When Russans (bad, evil orcish kind of people) snoop or at least very likely snoop on our emails... or the Muricans emails or emails of any kind for that matter it's a distasteful crime against humanity and an unannounced declaration of war.

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        If you think the Swedes are good, you should see what the Estonians and Lithuanians are compelled to do in the realm of cyber defense against Russian DDOS attacks and cyber info ops.

        NATO placed their Cyber Centre of Excellence in Tallinn for a reason.

        It is pretty cool hearing snippets about innovation.

        For all the flaws of NATO and NATO sympathetic countries, there's genuine value found in all that diversity of thought/perspective.


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          Heh, that's kinda funny. Swedish MSM:

          "Russia is being pointed out as a cyber-intruder by both Sweden and the United States. But Russia has itself been hacked to a far larger and more advanced extent - by Sweden"

          Ryssland pekas ut som cyberangripare av både Sverige och USA. Men Ryssland har hackats i högre utsträckning, och mer avancerat – av Sverige.

          Well, no wonder. Some estimates are in circulation that the United States spends about twenty times more than Russia on cyberspace operations, both offensive and defensive, and this all makes perfect sense if you consider the economic realities and so on. Add to that the obvious technological advantages.

          Sweden's FRA has been knee deep in that NSA shit since the 1950's, and according to Snowden et al Sweden basically monitors everything coming out of Russia by tapping into the fiber cables as they pass through. This isn't only pertaining to Sweden's own national security and other things, everything's being handed directly to the NSA and it's being used for business/industrial espionage and what not as well.

          Naturally, the full picture (including actual funding) is impossible to assess because of the clandestine nature of these things, but what is known and confirmed is still baffling in its extent and reach. Mere monitoring is just half the story too, after we've seen stuxnet/duqu/flame and evidence of other incredibly advanced air gap-bridging spyware (and even confirmed examples of traditional storage media being intercepted by agents in snail mail and having malicious code injected into it), I bet if it all was out there people would truly freak the fuck out.

          But yeah, anyway. The epitome of hacking is apparently that I'm from Google and we totally need you to verify your username and password here:

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