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  • Originally posted by Musashi View Post
    Why did you say "you" if we live in the same country? Would not the new law apply to you?
    Nope i made sure it does not unless our dear goverment get some new ideas.


    • Originally posted by chaffinch View Post
      By the way, spanish folks comming to work in UBS Kraków because... (drum sound) slaries are better in Poland 😁
      You should not be surprised, as about 40% of Spanish people aged below 25 are officially unemployed. I work with a Spanish guy in the UK, so he told me most of them work illegally. Their employers don't pay any insurance contributions or the tax.
      Krakow is the place where I could get a free accommodation if I wanted to live there. My father has a partner there, so that's what she offered to me when I visited them 1.5 years ago. The problem is, my Polish BSc degree and my British MSc degree (both IT-related) don't come with any relevant work experience and very few companies want to employ trainees. My present work experience is very specific and it's related to preventing a fraud. I'm a kind of an NBA star in my company, as my British colleagues know fuckall about foreign languages, so I can recognise a fraudster by their wrong accent quite often. I have some network engineering skills plus a CISCO certificate, but I don't have any experience doing a real job.
      Krakow is a very nice place to live in and I may be there in 1 week for 1-2 days.


      • Rewriting history intensifies.

        PiSdiot propaganda machine have hit new lows in past few days. On 4th june Poles were cellebrating anniversary of first free elections. PiS was busy propagating lies that it conspiracy of communist elites and traitors(aka anyone not PiS) within Solidarity.

        TVPropaganda ofc was leading the charge with its banner of terror. "4th june symbol of treason and elites conspiracy."

        Internet unforgiving as usual very quickly found a lot of PiS politicians talking out of their a..s about those times. Either because they were active participants in that "treason" or because they were in some cases not even born back then.

        Meanwhile PiS has run in to bit of trubles with their local election campagin. Evil traitors and collaborators of foregin powers dare to yell inconvinient question during meeting of mainline politicians with supporters. Ofc its traitors propaganda that questions during those meetings were staged to prevent that. The yellers then accidently ecounter usualy very unhappy cops "just following orders" who gather their personal data. There is no info soo far what goverment does with this information.


        • Poland with biggest 2018 Q1 q/q GDP growth in EU according to Eurostat. GDP rose +1,6% (q/q). It is very good result concerning our main trade partners performed not very well: Germany +0,3%, UK +0,2%, Czech Republic +0,4%


          • Originally posted by Guma View Post
            Poland with biggest 2018 Q1 q/q GDP growth in EU according to Eurostat. GDP rose +1,6% (q/q). It is very good result concerning our main trade partners performed not very well: Germany +0,3%, UK +0,2%, Czech Republic +0,4%

            If it's q/q then it's a very good result.


            • There are currently spreading students protests against PiS higer learning reform that will allow goverment to gain substantialy increased control over universities. Currently protests are ongoing in Warsaw, Poznan, Lodz and Krakow.

              A goverment appointed rector will gain complete control over universities including de facto ability to appoint his sucessor. Division bewen scientific and humanistic studies will be removed resulting in titles being granted by peoples without proper qualifications.

              Founding will be changed to grant susbstantial political influence on who will recieve money.

              Its practicaly just ability to do purges regime style in velvet gloves.


              • NIK PiS illegaly used money from crime victim aid fund to fill CBA secret fund.

                Higest controling office has declared that Ministry of Justice has illegaly transfered funds from reserve for helping victims of crimes to CBA (anti-corruption bureo).

                Ziobro has transfered 25m pln (about 7m USD) in to operational fund of CBA. It is unknown what money were used for.

                Story unfolds roughly like this:
                1. Ziobro cut funding to crime prevention/victim aid NGOs. It is quickly pointed that targets are mainly groups not ideologicaly in line with PiS conservartive chrsitian outlook.
                2. Ziobro accuses some former goverment offical of improper spending.
                3. Police raids several of those NGOs.
                4. Ziobro gives 25milion PLN to CBA, 1m PLN to parts of Father Rydzyk empire.
                5. Human rights spokesperson notifies Higest Controlling Office basicaly one of few legal bodies not under complete PiS control with investigative powers.

                6? Prosecutor office with general prosecutor Ziobro should open a case against ministry of justice and mr. Ziobro.



                • CPI in May 1,7% y/y (final reading)

                  fuels +5,6%
                  food -0,3%

                  core inflation merly +0,5% y/y


                  • NIK goverment is seting up procurement contracts and mass abuses procurement laws.

                    Higest controlling office has published another report stating that minsitry of health has set up procurement conditions to eliminate competition for purchase of mobile dental clinics.

                    75% of orders that could be awarded without procurement had its value set up wrong.



                    • I'm on a holiday in Poland and I'm "enjoying" the new law - my local supermarket is closed this Sunday, as trading on Sundays has become haram.


                      • And our dear gov want to import 400.000 migrants from s..hole countries. No this is not a joke.


                        • Originally posted by Asheren View Post
                          And our dear gov want to import 400.000 migrants from s..hole countries. No this is not a joke.
                          Which countries and any link?


                          • Originally posted by Musashi View Post
                            Which countries and any link?
                            I'll get everything when idiots from virgin figure out why half of hanwell has no internet since Friday. Meanwhile how far behind you are. Totally not secret ,order, to approve en mass work permits including Pakistan or Chechen? Advertising to work in Poland in foreign countries? Or the most recent about importing migrants due to mieszkanie plus aka how to sell a bridge to fanatic ferry lovers.

                            NVM got net back.

                            He said 200.000 but given its PiS...



                            • While we are at employment since our Guma throws our record after record of low unemployemnt i dug out a bit to find the estimates of actual number and overall untaped work force potential in Poland.

                              Oficial about 1m officialy uneployed + 2 milions of "hiding in agriculture"+ +500.000 students squating in parents basement, 2 milions over 50+ who chose all sort of reaching retirement strategies, another milion of 500+ crew freeloaders, those who tend to relatives etc, 2 to 2,5 milion of those who said packed and left.

                              Imho had rather amusing chat with buddy yesterday he was trying to see if i could come back as company he is working(big company manufacturing mainly for construction sector) at is looking only for 800 peoples including blue collar managment and low level white collar i could get on spot. Had to enlighen him that i make here weekly more than he is making montly doing roughly my job in Poland.


                              • good timing Asheren - new data was published today

                                unemployment rate in May 6,1% (exp 6,1% last reading 6,3%). New record.