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  • Polish domestic issues and news thread

    Since old one vanished mysteriously i am opening new one.

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    In Lagiewniki basilica a man was detained by presidential security due to his suspicious behavior.

    Detained for questioning is a 43 year unemployed had a knife and a syringe without needle containing unknown substance. According to some media he also had a file containing a number of questions regarding relations bewen church and state.


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      Was supposed to be easier for bussines... goverment "simplifies" car cost accounting.

      Goverment changed rules relating how company cars costs are accounted. On 1.06.2017 bussinesman will be allowed to put costs of his company car fully only if he conduct detailed mileage sheets. Otherwise he can only deduct 50%

      According to infromation our company was able to obtain additionaly several current beneficial to bussines owners interpretations of tax law will be "good changed". There are talks that it will be forbidden to even allow employee to use company car for purpose of transport from home to work.
      There are unconfirmed as of now information that mileage counting system will be replaced with a new more detailed one. Similiar regulation exists in VAT from fuel cost and many companies decided to go with 50% rule due to issues with mileage counting system.

      Goverment expects tax income from this "simplification of rules" to increase by 1 bilion polish zloty.

      Those who will suffer the most from new legislation are going to be small and medium sized companies. Whole scheme is to make it soo complicated and restrictive that peoples will just throw the towel and go with 50% cost rule. Especialy considering that according to information avaible today it seems that if controling auhtority questions a single position company will have to remove entire car costs from its expenses for tax pruposes.

      This year already several beneficial for company owners interpretations were changed for example in avoiding double taxation.

      ps. As an accountant i can only describe current situation in taxes as total chaos with general direction of changes heading towards tax police state. We heard rummor that ministry of finances is serious considering to extend this kind of regulation in areas like company owned cellphones. Yep you heard right we might be forced to give tax collectors billing to put the bill in company cost...
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        LPG price in Poland goes up ~25% in span of half year.

        Since president Duda signed new energy laws in july LPG price risen by ~25%. Currently in some places end user price has crossed 2.20 PLN. Experts are blaming PiS new law and weakening of PLN to be main reason behind price increase. According to them end user price might reach even 3+ PLN.

        Ofc PiSdiots are saying about peak price ~2.50 during PO forgeting that global market conditions were "slightly" different.
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          GW: One of illegaly elected tribunal judges was a secret services operative

          According to recent publication in Gazeta Wyborcza currently polish main anti-goverment newspaper a tribunal judge who was illegaly elected by PiS was an operative for polish secret services.

          Newspaper sources former workers of UOP informed that Mariusz Muszynski was working for it in 90s. In accordance with Polish law its not disqualifing him from being a tribunal judge. Witholding such information is. According to currently officialy avaible information mr. Muszynski did not inform about it as a part of judge election procedures.

          All of oposition parties intend to file request for information throu their PM in parliament secret services comission. PiS politicians soo far neither confirm nor deny accusation.

          Based on published info PiS might be in a little bit of a pickle because according to it german secret services deconspired Muszynski while he was working in Berlin. Soo if its true if they lie in his defence Germany could potentialy declassify its own secret services information.



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            GW admits it was depending on previous goverment generosity.

            Recently owner of Gazeta Wyborcza Adam Michnik admited they were depending on goverment support in terms of income and complained about PiS reducing purchases of Wyborcza and goverment companies not advertising in it.

            Earlier this year goverment controled enterprises withdrawed from all of its advertising contracts. Not long after a lot of the companies signed new contracts with pro-goverment media in some cases those media are owned by PiS. Most famous was case of PGZ (Polish Arms Consortium) advertising in newspaper that had nothing to do with their product portfolio.



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              Well tough ish, they profited when previous government was in control, now they expect the same treatment? It's free market, they have to adapt.


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                Goverment plans to cut funding to non pro-PiS NGOs

                Recently Prime Minister Szydlo anounced plans to "reorganize" funding to NGOs. By "accident" goverment TV was conducting black PR campagin against NGOs just before declaration. There is a plan to create "National NGO Center" that will decide who will recieve goverment funding. Ms. Szydlo pretty much openly stated in interview to a pro-PiS newspaper that "reorganization" is conducted due to many NGOs ties to politicians.

                "Goverment is constantly accused of not supporting citizens society, while bilions are dedicated for that purpose. But its frequently found that those fundations are subservant of previous goverments politicians."-Prime Minister Beata Szydlo for "Tygodnik Solidarnosc"

                The reform of NGO funding is conducted by Mr. Lipiec. Recently a number of NGO experts invited to project resigned because have not even seen the law they are branding with their names.

                During first meeting they were told that questioning need of making NGO center is out of question. Concept phase will not be conducted. Law will be made by the goverment side and shown to them. Project was not shown to them and from their pov idea of the center is higly questionable as it might be a place for arbitrary decision by goverment offical based on PiS whim not need of the state and society. They claim goverment lied to them on purpose to use them as a way to legitimize actions they are deeply against.

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                  TVPiS conducting smear campaign, I'm shocked!


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                    A very good and balanced interview with prof. Andrzej Leder about pros and cons of current political situation. Saddly in polish.



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                      Originally posted by Chomiq View Post
                      Well tough ish, they profited when previous government was in control, now they expect the same treatment? It's free market, they have to adapt.
                      They did according to info for stock exchange they managed to stabilize their financial situation. What is amusing the same time they published financial data TVPiS put a material about GW poor sales with cornerstores slaesmen as "experts" claiming for example that its because GW is supporting KOD.

                      Curent co-ordinator for special services Mariusz Kaminski from PiS informed that Mr. Muszynski is CURENTLY neither employed or an agent for Agencja Wywiadu. While everyone is asking if he WAS an operative for UOP. (precursor of Agencja Wywiadu).

                      Situation is particulary trublesome for PiS because if Muszynski accusations are true there is no even remotly legal way for them to elect their own chairman of the tribunal.
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                        New pharmacy law comie era style.

                        Goverment unveiled new anti-monopolization law for pharma stores. According to new planned regulations pharmacies must be at least 1000m from each other and no more than one pharmacy per 3000 citizens. Store can be only opened by person with at least mgr in Pharmacy and he can have no more than 4 stores. Because screw free market goverment knows better.

                        Law is planned to go live from 01.01.2017 because who cares if pharma market has time to prepare for changes.

                        Its most likely the law goal is to ensure monopoly position of the pharmacist association. They were demanding this kind of law granting them special protected status for a while. They were lobbying for almost exact solution.

                        Its estimated that pharma networks 390 operating in Poland that control roughly 38% of market will lose 10 bilions PLN if this law goes live.

                        The pro of the reform is that if lobby calculations are correct it basicaly ensures profitabilty of pharmacy.
                        The cons are increase in end price of drugs and drop their avaibilty. Franchises and networks are usualy offering non goverment refunded drugs on averange up to 20% cheaper than non franchise pharmacies. Its also common for big networks to have their own warehouses allowing them to provide drugs within 24h.
                        Particulary screwed will be peoples living in low population density areas like for example newly build estate complexes.

                        Project of the law does not contain soo called cost of the reform estimate. (analysis of the financial effects of the law coming in effect)
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                          Prime minister Szydlo blames drastic increase in mandatory car insurance prices on PO-
                          PSL goverment.

                          Prime mnister Szydlo blamed drastic 36% averange and even up to 500% max increase of OC mandatory car insurance prices since PiS goverment announced then implemented sectoral tax on banks and insurace companies to be a result of previous goverment policies. She also informed that UOIK(consumer law watchdog) was ordered to investigate.

                          Meanwhile UOIK representative informed that increase in OC prices was justified as companies were losing money on it. In 2015 insurance companies lost 4 B PLN from OC insurance. They are now investigating if companies were conspiring with eachother to keep price below profit level.



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                            After suspending co-operation with TVP Arte adds Polish subtitles option to its web channel.

                            ARTE German-French TV network suspended co-operation with TVP due to concerns about new managment mantaining standards of objective jurnalism. Channel might be an alternative to TVP Kultura.



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                              PiS goverment want to cut pensions of communist secturity officers.

                              Ms. Szydlo called it restoring social justice. Mr. Blaszczak head of ministry of interior is already counting money goverment will save on it. (aprox 120m USD a year)

                              Members of former communist security services will recive no more than averange pension. Including those members who had nothing to do with repressions on the opposition.