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Islam and the Radical West

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  • Ah come on!

    That's obviously a malhonnête J.Noah© documentary.
    The reporter is an Israeli, therefore he must hate all the Arabs, since Israel love spending its time killing them.
    There are no such things as no-go zones in France.
    It's clearly us who have failed in our efforts to integrate them.
    It's our fault if they don't like us.



    • Truly amazing, here in America, we are constantly bombarded with all the "disadvantages" that women have to endure...the erroneous equal pay canard, women did not have the same opportunity in the military to be on the front-lines and be killed, no 9 months paid maternity leave, etc, etc. and every time we turn around, some group is pushing the 7th century Arabian-peninsula 'culture' on us, case in point, this story. CHICAGO (CBS) — A billboard campaign seeks to educate Chicago-area drivers about a traditional garment worn by some Muslim women.

      For six weeks, billboards along the Tri-State Tollway and I-55 will feature women wearing the hijab, a veil covering the head and chest.
      Kiran Malik says when her daughter, Imaan, wanted to wear a hijab to high school, she had one question.

      “I was like, are you sure? I was afraid. I was afraid for her.”

      H'99 oh brother! Like afraid of what!? What could you POSSIBLY be afraid of in America? This is not Pakistan or Sudan! (the very places they left, only to come here and want to live the exact same way!?) So, I ask my fellow American's, which the hell is it? You either want everything with no restrictions or progress down an Islamic-path to nothing? Not tomorrow, not next week, nor next year, say in the next decade, what society will you wake up too?


      • Step by step, inch by inch....


        SEATTLE - A federal judge has ordered the Washington Department of Corrections to provide nighttime meals to Muslim inmates who have been fasting during the month of Ramadan, after several said prison officials refused to do so.

        The Council on American-Islamic Relations sued the department Sunday on behalf of four prisoners at the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe, including one who said he's lost 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) since Ramadan began in mid-May. U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton in Tacoma issued his order just hours later.


        Minnesota- Have you ever wondered why more businesses in the United States close on Christmas than on any other holiday?

        Sure, some of it is tradition--we've always been closed. But, some of it is simply practical: 90 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas, including the bosses. So, companies close.

        H'17: Amazon does the right thing!? Suzanne Lucas states that now, however in 10-20 years will she say that? If this trend continues, parts of the USA will operate like Saudi Arabia in the future. Not a society the Leftists of 'tolerance' and 'diversity' will find accommodating...


        • Again, why have people entered, or are living in MY country, then expect it to cater to their every whim!? Seriously.

          A Red Lobster in Minnesota is being accused of mistreating a Muslim family after reportedly discriminating against them during Ramadan.

          The Minnesota Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) filed a complaint against the Rochester restaurant, demanding they take remedial action, including a written apology, for allegedly violating the customers’ civil rights.

          Oh and for those uniformed, islam is a BELIEF, not an ethnicity or 'race'.


          • Well, how's that for tolerance!


            A newly retired Muslim professor at the University of Connecticut was caught on camera last year ordering students to remove their shoes and praise Allah before entering his office.

            Felix Coe, a former professor of biology at the public university, was seen berating a female student for not removing her shoes before addressing him in his office, according to a video posted last week by Jihad Watch.



              Imam Mundhir Abdallah, of the Masjid Al-Faruq mosque in Copenhagen, told his followers “the final solution to the problem of the Levant – after the establishment of the Caliphate and the elimination of the Jewish entity – will be through the conquest of Europe.”

              Abdallah was speaking on a video first released in 2017. It has now been made public and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) just a week after he was charged with hate speech over a separate incident where repeated a call to kill Jews.

              In the latest video, Abdallah lays out a plan whereby Muslims can conquer all of Europe and deliver a final blow to the “vileness” of the Jewish people.


              • Mosque sermon calls on Allah to slay non-Muslims ‘one by one’ in Canada


                The Prime Minister finally found time after his vacation to visit Toronto on the Danforth and place a bouquet of flowers at the makeshift memorial for 18-year-old Reese Fallon and 10-year-old Julianna Kozis, who died in the mass shooting July 22 by Faisal Hussain.

                For some reason Justin Trudeau could not condemn the actions of the Pakistani-Canadian who spread terror in our city. Instead the P.M. called for “a time of compassion” among all of us.

                Compassion? For whom? For the dead? The dead don’t need compassion; they need justice and the truth.