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  • What are you eating?

    Tonight for supper, I had a chicken sandwich. Grilled breast, sliced, with mayo on a toasted bun. Ice tea.

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    Purple Grapes........................... yummy


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      Homemade pizza......because while I'm living in the paradise known as New Zealand, the dark disgusting underbelly here is that the current state of pizza and Italian food is borderline criminal.


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        Yep, homemade is the best when it comes to pizza. That way the crust is as thin as it should be...


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          Originally posted by TheKiwi View Post
          Yep, homemade is the best when it comes to pizza. That way the crust is as thin as it should be...
          I got my missus one of them there superflash 90cm stainless steel oven/rangetops with a huge pizza stone included.

          Only paid $400 bucks for a demonstrator one....Works perfectly.

          So easy.

          Yeah....thin crust is the way to go...that Chicago deep dish or rubbish bin fast food pizza doesn't work for me.

          Find the right flour, get some decent tomato sauce(or make your own like we do from garden), and find some good Moz. And top it off with some homegrown garlic and basil.

          I severely retarded person can make a nice authentic pizza....
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            Had a Veal Parm Hero and a Ginger Ale from a local pizza joint.


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              Three eggs over medium. Bagel with butter. Large cup of coffee.


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                Pink grapefruit, two slices whole wheat toast, two mugs of hot, green tea, and a chocolate chip/pecan cookie.


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                  I and my missus had friends for diner last night
                  So as starters : cucumber + yogourt + fresh minth leaves
                  salad of tomatoes (3 different old strains, very tasty, each differently) with a drop of olive oil and basil

                  Main dish : fresh peas just boiled then quicly fried in a pan with smoked bacon, shallot and young onions finely sliced
                  meat balls made from meat directly from the butcher's best choice (Charolais race) mixed here again with shallot, chives, coriander, finely smahed rose pepper, a pinch of vegeta and the yolk of two eggs (for 4 burgers)

                  For those who don't know what vegeta is :

                  And the dessert was a Tiramisu prepared by my GF
                  All that washed with a nice Coteau du Languedoc red wine and Oolong tea...

                  Sorry guys no pictures (except the mess the kitchen area is right now)


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                    right now having a small glass of whiskey waiting on the missus to get home from work. bender's supper sounded best to me, will you adopt me Bender?


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                      For dinner - Fresh flounder (cut in half as was big), marinated and fried in peanut oil. Used the oil to fry some local drive-in (Checkers), packaged and seasoned fries. Romaine, shredded carrots, cucumbers, and small tomato salad. Cold, unsweetened tea.
                      Ginger cookies later
                      (I eat overly well to be such a retired, sit-on-my-butt, slug)


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                        I made cream cheese, halloumi and ham filled mushrooms wrapped in bacon. Pretty damn good.


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                          Good ol Food related thread

                          Post what you are eating, and dont be afraid to take a photo of it

                          Today I went to Veggie Grill and had a Vegan sandwich with Yukon fries


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                            already exists


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                              By the power of Greyskull, threads unite!!!!!!

                              EDIT: Roman, you can make anything look tasty with your photo skills - even Vegan food...
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