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  • My dog is a bit naughty. He's generally pretty placid, but he likes to chase cars, and he's also just started chasing bikes. Occasionally he'll come across a person that makes him angry too and have a go at them. He never bites, but he has a big bark, and runs right up to them, which is understandably scary. I can recognise his body language when he's about to start chasing after something / someone, but once he's off and running there's no getting him back. I bought an electric shock collar as a last resort to try and break that habit. About a week ago I started clicker training with him, and he picked it up really quickly. His chase behaviour has decreased, although not completely stopped, and on one occasion I got him back once he'd started running. It took him less than a day to associate the click with a treat. I haven't used the electric collar yet, so here's hoping I don't have to.


    • Bought a new car. 2018 Subaru Forrester.
      Picking it up next Monday.

      ...oh, almost forgot.

      Got ENGAGED a few hours ago. 😁
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      • Congratulations Hildemel!


        • Thanks!
          We can't stop grinning. Even her cat somehow seems to understand and has shown support in her own way.


          • Congratulations man! Oh yeah, the engagement thing is good too...


            • Congrats Hildemel, so are you engaged to keep the Subaru or the girlfriend?

              No it's not really funny I know - but it sounded a lot funnier in my tiny brain.



              • Stand up paddle boards. Tried it once about 4 yr ago, didn't connect. Went out twice last week--not the scheming begin...


                • The spam I have just receive:
                  From The Desk Of Prince Godwin Bakko (Chairman)
                  Mobile : +22964137860
                  Special Duty Warehouse,
                  Task Force Operations
                  West Africa.

                  Attn: Dear Fund Owner:

                  We the Task Force on fund recovery in conjunction with some other
                  relevant Investigations Agencies including National Crime Agency and
                  federal bureau investigation regarding the meeting held with Federal
                  Supreme Council of the United Arab Emirates, after a United Nation
                  Conference Meeting lead by Mr Trump and other officialls. We are bring
                  to your notice that this is getting three time within this year we
                  been writing you this good new and it seems like you are not receiving
                  it or you are ignoring it. We are getting tired of writing you.

                  Note that this may be the last mail we may write you once again if you
                  did not get back to us to see that you claim your inheritance fund
                  which you been pursing since many years ago and you have not get it
                  till now because bad leaders in Africa which inposters are trying to
                  haijack but we have track them down.

                  Your Fund has increased to €15.500.000 Euros which is equal to
                  $19,230,769 USD through foreign exchange control rate and ready to
                  transfer to you through any means of your choice once you obtain the
                  Fund release warrant permit certificate from Supreme court here by
                  coming down here to obtain it by yourself but if you could not meet up
                  to come down here by yourself then we our attorney can go to obtain
                  the certificate from Supreme Court on your behalf here to submit it to
                  the Bank to authorize the bank to release your fund to you according
                  to the normal procedure. The certificate will prove that your fund is
                  legitimate and has nothing to do with money laundering , terrorist act
                  Drug activities.

                  In case you could not meet up to come down here then you have to
                  reconfirm such as

                  1) Your full name...

                  2) Your full address ...

                  3) your Direct cell phone...

                  My Task Force was given the power and mandate to visit all the
                  banks,security companies and any other office or agency within the
                  region. Suspected of colluding with the unscrupulous elements to
                  withhold the funds or consignments belonging to foreigners. And to
                  recover, seize or confiscate the said funds or consignments. Also, to
                  carry out thorough investigation and compile the names of all the
                  foreigners who fall victim to this nefarious business transactions, so
                  that their losses would be redeemed.Now the African leaders ordered
                  the release of all the recovered consignments and funds to their
                  respective foreign owners without delay As a "Goodwill Gesture" to the
                  newly elected President of the United States of America Mr. Trump. In
                  carrying out its assignment, after thorough investigation, the panel
                  submitted the list of all the victims, which included your name.

                  Looking forward to your maximum co-operations.
                  Yours faithfully,
                  Prince Godwin Bakko
                  It seem legit


                  • That's great. I received this spam email once:

                    An Important message awaits you, call and listen now.


                    A turkey reaches an understanding with a roller coaster. If the completely precise freight train somewhat secretly admires a sandwich, then the corporation hibernates. Any grizzly bear can caricature the skyscraper, but it takes a real steam engine to secretly write a love letter to the tabloid. When you see a cargo bay, it means that a so-called cheese wheel panics.

                    It was so good I've kept it. I didn't call the number.


                    • No one likes a panicky cheese wheel...


                      • Sorry, odd post ahead but nothing really TMI:

                        I’ve been pondering the idea to go to a nude beach for a number of years. Not out of sheer curiosity since I’m well aware most of these beaches are full of ederly and while «*looking around*» on a non-nude beach doesn’t seem too much, I’m hardly a «*voyeur*».

                        The other week I decided to kick myself and give it a try, solo of course. No girlfriend, much less friends and eventhough I’m european probably not my family either.

                        Said nude beach wasn’t easily accessible : you’ve got to walk in the sand for a kilometer to find it.

                        When I arrived, half the folks were in speedos or bikini or topless and the other half were naked. It was about time for me to put the towel on the sand and get undressed.

                        I don’t know if it’s a nude beach or regulars but I assume so as the people were staring a bit at me more in a «*who the heck this guy is*» than «*what a stud*» way.

                        I got undressed, put away my phone and it felt like losing virginity again. There I was sitting in front of the dune, naked among other naked people.

                        I’m not unhappy with the experience although I didn’t stay too long. It’s probably much «*fun*» when you know some folks but as a single dude there was no way I was going to go chat the strangers like that.

                        Overall a nice moment of freedom.


                        • I love that perverts feel they can be open and honest on this site.



                          • Thunderstorms coming! About freaking time. Here comes the end of the heatwave.


                            • It took three or more years....

                              ..but I finally saw a Humpback Whale breach again. Twice.


                              • It is weekend and i can count on the fact that some Steven Seagal movie is airing i can mindlessly watch while i fall asleep...