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Songs you are embarassed to admit you like?

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  • Songs you are embarassed to admit you like?

    We probably all have some. Think about one, or two that goes through your mind at the moment.

    Me? This: Sonata Artica - White Pearl, Black Oceans.

    I think the lyrics albeit very emotional are well written and the music while it can't be considered as Metal is catchy.


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    Not much on pop stuff, the wife will play a bit of it in the barn as I'm slinging hay and horseshit. Thought this was catchy - but I am a bit embarrassed by it.


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      I quite liked 'I kissed a girl' by Katy Perry until a couple of lines from the chorus got stuck in my head on a long run - after repeating them over and over for an hour it pretty much cured me of it.


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        I will admit to like a few Katy's songs too, and some Bright Eyes occasionally.

        I realized I had hit rock bottom liking something as emotional as him, but this is the point of this thread.


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            Rick Roll goes here.


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              Taylor Swift's Blank space

              I can make the bad guys good for a weekend
              'Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream

              'Cause you know I love the players
              And you love the game

              'Cause we're young and we're reckless

              We'll take this way too far

              Just something relatable in those lyrics.

              Also, Katy Perry's boobs make her every video at least superficially watchable.
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                Some Girls - The Prettiest Girl


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                  There are some old songs that I really like, but at work, my junior more or less millennial will yell at me, Tom use the headphone. Lol


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                    Soundgarden - Big Dumb Sex


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                      Dont be a drag, just be a queen


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                        To old to still be like one point you have to overcome societal restrictions and embrace what you like.

                        If already listening to some songs leads to self constriction tss tss

                        I also experienced the Katy Perry thing and in the early 2000s I had a few of these so called guilty pleasures..

                        One being Britney Spaers Toxic- the song still has something - it also remembers me of a (now dead) friend - a tatooed hard rock fan - once confessing he also liked it haha


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                          Sonata Artica shouldn't be something you're embarrassed about. They're very talented and that song is brilliant.


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                            Dave Grohl said "Don't be embarrassed about liking something. If you fucking like something, then like it", or something to that effect. The takeaway is there's no guilty pleasures when it comes to music

                            I'm pretty sure I remember reading that gaz really likes Toxic. It's a pretty good pop song.

                            My guilty pleasure? Cardi B "Bodak Yellow"


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                              Originally posted by EvilMinion View Post
                              I'm pretty sure I remember reading that gaz really likes Toxic. It's a pretty good pop song.
                              'Toxic' is a great pop song.