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    Originally posted by Hildemel View Post
    Construction Labourer (school job)

    Beekeeper (summer job)

    Grocery store meat department (let go because I wasn't learning fast enough....kind of hard to do when the manager takes off for a week and no one else teaches you ANYTHING)

    Subway (for all of two or three weeks...not my fault, dumbass manager never called me to give me a schedule and then got angry when I called to check, never officially got let go or quit simply applied for new jobs until I got one)

    7-Eleven (For way too long)

    Tank Gunner (that released so much pent up anger and rage, it was awesome, military was the best job ever)

    Marine supply store (hired on for a short time for helping with internal layout rebuild)
    I've had my share of seriously bad bosses. ugh. Incompetent, shirk responsibility, and just ignorant acting... *if I had an emoji I'd roll my eyes!


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      Originally posted by Devil Child View Post

      I play this game every day!

      Jobs I should've done: Anything other than social work!

      Dream job would be decently paid reviewer of hiking trails, decently paid highly amateur bird photographer, or decently paid book reader.

      ​@Devil Child (Why can't I tag you? SORCERY!) have you considered transitioning into policy? My sister is finishing up her social work degree, she currently works in policy, and while she's done all her placements she says she can't afford to live on social worker wages ​ so she'll stay in policy. Also, Outside Magazine has contributor guidelines....

      ​In high school I spent two weeks of a four week break working at a battery hen farm picking eggs off the conveyor belt and packing them into cartons. I worked with this awesome Filipino lady who also worked at the crocodile farm next door, skinning them for life as a handbag or shoes.

      ​After the army I spent a year working as an admin assistant at an accounting firm, and a couple of nights a week waitressing at a nearby hotel. Then I got a gig as an ambulance dispatcher in a small country town, also moonlighting as a waitress a couple of nights a week.

      I've basically just done admin / call centre work, nothing very exciting.


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        Research assistant in the computer science field.
        Freelance consultant.
        Software engineer.


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          Tradesmans assistant.
          Supermarket checkout operator and then supermarket department casual manager.
          Accident investigator (best work experience ever)
          Wastewater engineer
          Mining research engineer (looking at what caused mining disasters)
          Public servant type engineer and researcher

          Oh and I don't consider working at our farm a job, not not on the list.


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            Originally posted by t3ngu View Post

            Oh and I don't consider working at our farm a job, not not on the list.

            You mean I can't list equine/canine/feline sanitation Engineer?


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              Originally posted by riderboy View Post

              You mean I can't list equine/canine/feline sanitation Engineer?
              Hahaha no.

              Otherwise i would be backhoe operator, dozer operator, farm hand, horse whisperer etc.


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                Dishwasher, farmhand, truck stop janitor, jarhead, security guard, landscaper/carpenter, meat packing plant electrician, meat packing plant scale tech, industrial laundry maintenance (mechanical and electrical), corrugated box plant programmer/technician, hospital electrician, lead projects electrician, hospital electrician.

                Best non military learning experience was in the meat packing plant because they use all kinds of electrical devices. I worked on everything from simple circuits to x-ray machines to variable speed drives to programmable controllers. Worst job was the security guard thing, only lasted 3 months. The box plant was a real challenge dealing with high speed motion control. I was a hospital electrician for a while and left to be a lead projects electrician for a contractor but I didn't like all the traveling so just recently I went back to the hospital I worked at before. This time I run the electrical shop.


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                  Joined up at 16 straight from school, still in 24 years later, with a potential 13 still to go if I can stomach it that long.


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                    A host of the usual youthful rubbish - paperboy, bus-boy, dishwasher, burger-flipper, store clerk, etc. Then I humped furniture for the moving van lines (North American). Low enough on the Union roster to not get company trucks and punch a time-card, so I'd work day labor for over-the-road drivers for cash on the barrel. Paid handsomely, could party all night, and you'd sweat out the hangover in half-an-hour the next day. Did that all through college and after for a year.

                    ​Knocked around as a drug store assistant manager until it drove me mad, then went into Tech Writing for a computer company (Journalism degree paying off finally). Tech Writer to programmer, to Systems Analyst, to Project Manager, to Production Director, to 6 Sigma Black Belt - all in IT. It's given me a good life. Optioned for an "early voluntary retirement" with an okay payout, but after six months off, got a a Tech Writer. It's come full circle. Wanted to keep the gray cells working but not stress out.

                    ​I need to figure out a graceful and productive way to retire and enjoy myself without work. Anyone else have that problem?


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                      Its not entirely clear yet but if I appear in the WDR (West German Public broadcast) I will post it here (we get students of history in April to learn about/support us/ to evaluate documents that were destroyed when the archive in cologne collapsed some years ago and do their study practice here and word is that reporters may show up at my workplace )

                      Will probaly not show myself but you will get the Idea what I do


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                        Lawn mower
                        Equipment Rental
                        Car Wash
                        HVAC, new installs, rough in only
                        Law Enforcement

                        in that order

                        Next stop, software/web dev


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                          Had enough of LE or thinking electronic forensics?You must have done 10 odd years by now.


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                            Originally posted by Te Zorro View Post
                            Had enough of LE or thinking electronic forensics?You must have done 10 odd years by now.

                            16 in LE. I initially went to school for comp sci years back, but quit, for various reasons. It has always interested me and I have dabbled in coding here and there, just haven't forced myself to do anything serious with it until now. I'm about burnt out on LE and ready to move on to more lucrative and flexible work. And with less shift work.


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                              Good plan. I'm looking to upskill in GIS for similar reasons.


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                                - Kitchen boy in a girl's summer camp, (Best job ever)
                                - Roofer
                                - Bartender
                                - Screen print artist
                                - Cop
                                - Graphic artist
                                - Sign painter
                                - Visual Information Specialist for the Navy & Joint Warfare
                                - Freelance artist
                                - Moderator