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    Most of them are crap. Between FlappyCoin, TittiesCoin, TrumpCoin, TheresaMayCoin, PuttinCoin ....Some of them are interesting though like SIACoin and FileCoin, Ripple ...


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      I believe it will come down to who is backing it and why. Though Ethereum is still unusable. Can't use fluctuating value. It is actually the opposite of what a crypto currency needs to be to be used in trade for goods and services.
      Current currency changes between one another are enough of a headache. If it can speed up transfer and lower cost then it would have a use.

      So on the other hand its just a new form of gold for geeks. If there is risk or inflation in the system it would be useful.

      Seems to be a surplus of, who knows how to create them now.


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        I think we can call this, what happens atm, atleast a little crash.

        And this is a good thing, i hope it crashes more to move the shitcoins out of existence so eventually this lost wealth will concentrate on proper projects


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          Bitcoin was absolutely smashed yesterday, reaching below 10,000.

          Why not precious metals guys... 5000 year history.


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            Today crypto currencies bounced back. Some guys on reddit posted that for the past 4 years each time crypto currencies reached their lowest point was mid-january.


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              From Davos...Bitcoin price: Joseph Stiglitz warned that Bitcoin could face a crackdown


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                He said: “We have a good medium of exchange, called the dollar, we can trade in that.


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                  Gold since 1914. Nixon paying for Vietnam (lowest point on graph)was the end for a gold pegged dollar. We have had faith in gold since then.

                  Regulation appears to cause great selloffs in Cyptos then its correct, currently the main intangible goods value is for laundering and avoid taxes. Since they have no corporate protection to stop regulation its easy to see what going to happen next. Transparency for tax is ahead which will take the shine off of it.
                  The system is the house rules. Everyone plays by them even the US govt.

                  Only ones left to support it are the believers that its
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                    Person I know had a bank account nearly drained today.
                    Transferred into easy to hide crypto.

                    The crim had two attempts. First one successful. Then they lowered the withdrawal limit and on the next attempt the crim failed.
                    Don't know the full details

                    Bank declined responsibility. Said they had given away their ID number and crim used a fake passport with non matching names. So should be able to get redress on that.
                    They don't use the number at ATMs.


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                      Yes, Nixon the cartoonish supervillain we all love, did indeed drive the final nail into the Gold Window coffin.

                      However it was under consideable pressure, and there were other important events that led to its demise.