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Bitcoin the tulip or lord of money.

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    Most of them are crap. Between FlappyCoin, TittiesCoin, TrumpCoin, TheresaMayCoin, PuttinCoin ....Some of them are interesting though like SIACoin and FileCoin, Ripple ...


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      I believe it will come down to who is backing it and why. Though Ethereum is still unusable. Can't use fluctuating value. It is actually the opposite of what a crypto currency needs to be to be used in trade for goods and services.
      Current currency changes between one another are enough of a headache. If it can speed up transfer and lower cost then it would have a use.

      So on the other hand its just a new form of gold for geeks. If there is risk or inflation in the system it would be useful.

      Seems to be a surplus of, who knows how to create them now.


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        I think we can call this, what happens atm, atleast a little crash.

        And this is a good thing, i hope it crashes more to move the shitcoins out of existence so eventually this lost wealth will concentrate on proper projects


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          Bitcoin was absolutely smashed yesterday, reaching below 10,000.

          Why not precious metals guys... 5000 year history.


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            Today crypto currencies bounced back. Some guys on reddit posted that for the past 4 years each time crypto currencies reached their lowest point was mid-january.