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  • Originally posted by Junglejim View Post
    never realized that. Are you jesus? Cause no truer words were spoken.... I am waiting for the registration under my name. :P
    Well that and they come shipped not ready to ride. I think the little bike Yamaha bike we got didn't even have oil in the sump when it got taken out of the box.


    • I believe you, i heard them talk about prepping the new bikes for delivery. must be to avoid Hazmat, incase the container ship, goes own.


      • After one yer of blabbing about it, she is home!


        • Had to take her out of the city from Manila to Clark to Basa Air base to Subic to Manila

          Arrived in Clark way to early for my check in so of to the Cafe

          And then they started coming

          There are BMW riders and the others...

          After 3 days in Clark for my proficiency check, decided to detour to Subic fro some R&R

          Went for a beer, swim and rest... till sunset

          So time to ride on back home at 9pm

          Made it back at around 11pm a total of about 380KM

          Time for her first oil change


          • Bike show today so here are some picts:

            Moto Morini booth... she looks nice:

            by that I mean the Gran Passo

            The italians were out in force with the Moto Morini and Moto Guzzi Bikes... Ducati was there too but their bikes are common:

            No Harley, which is weird but there was an Indian:

            Nice looking electric bike from China:

            And they are catching up in the designs:

            The Cockroaches are out in force... underbone bikes the most annoying guys on the road... but the effort was commendable in the customization part:

            Nothing worse than a flying cockroach:

            Now as for a custom builder that is worth following is this guy:
            Base bike for the build is a Motorstar stallion and he does these builds for just $4000 including the new base bike.
            400cc an the quality is top notch... made me want to buy on just as a show piece

            i asked him why he isnt charging more an the reply was "I just want to build bikes"


            • Got some WW2 style bomber nose art put on the sidecar today. "Slightly Dangerous"


              • Since selling the Honda been looking seriously at a Beemer, although KTM has been on the list forever.

                Late '70s Husqvarna.


                • Any of you motorcycle riders got 5 minutes to check out a motorcycle 🏍 web app my team has built?


                  It’s a functional v1.0 Prototype.

                  Our intent is to build a mobile optimised web app that is like a Tinder/Airbnb for Harley-Davidson riders(possibly other brands as well, but HD is our focus).

                  A free platform to allow riders to “find, meet, ride”(like Tinder geo-social matching) and to join rides(like Airbnb host/guest, but ride creator/rider).

                  Any feedback is appreciated via:






                  • Sunday ride... but mother nature had other plans like a storm:

                    Still made it to the destination for a brunch run:

                    The view for Brunch:

                    Flagg, isnt grinder the same sort of application? Somehow i could never imagine hooking up with strangers for bike buddy. Then again im kind of an introvert.
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                    • My new ride. Harley Fat Boy


                      • Need another bike, considering one of the 4 stroke endruos, wrf 250 or the like. Anyone got any advice?


                        • Originally posted by t3ngu View Post
                          Need another bike, considering one of the 4 stroke endruos, wrf 250 or the like. Anyone got any advice?
                          Is the Yamaha street legal down yonder? We can only make them street legal here by doing the dual registry thing which is kind of complicated.

                          I've almost convinced myself to get a Honda 250 Rally as a stable mate for the Africa Twin but I also think the Honda 250 dual sport could be made into a better adv bike but not as good looking. I also like the Kaw KLX 250 in camo because of that quasi-military ShadyOps look.

                          As for the Africa Twin, a few weeks ago was the first time I have ever ridden a bike in the rain (8 months of near zero rain) with both antilock brakes and traction control. I was not expecting to be amazed at how well they worked and how sure footed it made the bike feel.


                          • Morning ride...

                            Fort Drum in the background

                            Ruined by torrential rain on the ride home

                            Riding on the expressway with no ABS on, really made you think of a better motorbike.