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  • Kobold thounaojamtom

    Call that a crab???,, this is a crab!!!


    • Originally posted by Engineer View Post
      Kobold thounaojamtom

      Call that a crab???,, this is a crab!!!
      No wonder we have a section called "Dangerous Australia" could be one of our Digger members.


      • Originally posted by thounaojamtom View Post
        WOW!!! never seen such humongous crab, what species it i or called, thanks
        It's a red rock crab and they're actually smaller than the dungeoness crabs that are also caught on our west coast. But their meat is tastier


        • Happy to find my old mate has made a return to his (do think it's a she going by last seasons mating behavior) fav spot and will still let me get close. Spent the better part of an hour sitting with it no more than 10 meters away and showing exactly why it's called a kingfisher
          Azure Kingfisher.

          DSC01561 by Johan Olsson, on Flickr

          And then got lucky and had a Pacific Baza give me a good look at it's underwing, complete with prey in beak.

          DSC01757 by Johan Olsson, on Flickr


          • Awesome stuff.


            • ^^^^what digrar says....really AWESOME!


              • Arabian sea, Kappil lake and estuary (unbroken now, but now that monsoon has started, it will break soon, either naturally or manually):


                • Gordon Creek - Moranbah

                  Countryside,, near Isaac River

                  Isaac River - in the dry season

                  Bull Ants dragging a butterfly down their hole


                  • Peak Downs Highway - Isaac River Bridge


                    • Shoal Point - Mackay Northern Beaches

                      Blacks Beach - Mackay Northern Beaches

                      Fish and Chips at Blacks Beach,,, I love my job


                      • Rather not random as it's what I was hunting. Thinking of finding out if there's an AA (Azure Anonymous) group nearby as I can't stop myself when I get one in the viewfinder. For the last 3 years I've been hunting these birds with thousands of shots taken

                        Azure Kingfisher

                        DSC02226 by Johan Olsson, on Flickr

                        DSC02320 by Johan Olsson, on Flickr

                        450 odd shots on the camera from that morning, 270 ended up binned instantly once on the computer and a mere 15 processed properly.


                        • Some shots from my local park. The lighting wasn't that great that day unfortunately.

                          This swan family is actually sitting on a meadow that's also used for sun bathing and if the weather is better lots of people are chilling there. The swans don't really care and are walking around between the people. They of course keep some distance and mommy and daddy are always keeping an eye open but it's amazing how close you can get without them acting up.

                          Old pasturage.

                          A bear statue in the park. The back of the bear is so shiny because thousands of kids must have "ridden" it by now. I was one of them over 30 years ago.


                          • Some shots from a visit to Potsdam. Unfortunately quite some things like the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate; not to be mixed up with the one in Berlin) are getting renovated at the moment and are therefore scaffolded.

                            Lustgarten (pleasure garden).

                            One of the entrances to the "Filmmuseum Potsdam" (formally used as royal stud).

                            Parts of a GDR mosaic.

                            Holländisches Viertel (Dutch Quarter).

                            Garnisons Kirche (Garrison Church).

                            Part of the Brandenburg Parliament and the St. Nikolai Church in the back.

                            Alter Markt (Old Market) with obelisk and the old town hall in the background.

                            Inside the parliament courtyard with the obelisk and St. Nikolai in the background.

                            Old Trabant P50/500. Note the license plate.

                            At the lakefront.


                            • Thank you for the pics Marsch


                              • A few shots from my recent road trip in the US.

                                IMGP8231 by Benjamin B., sur Flickr

                                IMGP8771 by Benjamin B., sur Flickr

                                IMGP9413 by Benjamin B., sur Flickr

                                IMGP9492 by Benjamin B., sur Flickr

                                IMGP8946 by Benjamin B., sur Flickr

                                IMGP9958 by Benjamin B., sur Flickr

                                IMGP9023 by Benjamin B., sur Flickr

                                IMGP8467 by Benjamin B., sur Flickr