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Backpackers murdered in Morocco.

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    Originally posted by Fallap View Post

    Having travelled to 71 nations, my general impression is that for every murderous maniac waiting to cut your head off, there are at least a few hundreds who just want to welcome you to their country and possible sell you a carpet from their cousin's wife's father's corner shop, and that is good enough for me.
    Lots of decent places will sell you a carpet. Why you choose a country that murders its minorities is a little selfish...

    Edit: I have travelled to many countries myself, but travellers also have a responsibility.

    On that Merry Christmas to all HERE !
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      Originally posted by Jake View Post

      Paris and France are the worst shitholes in Europe according to some because of Charlie Hebdo and Nov 2015 right-o? New York was the worst shithole in 2001?
      What really turns my stomach is the treatment of women and children by the migrants. For example in Finland, where it's not illegal to have such stats, rate for Iraqi for rape was ten times that of natives After taking into account age and gender balance of Iraqi population (it was 17 times otherwise).

      France has taken a lot of migrants and very large percentage of kids have parents with foreign backgrounds . Unless they act very differently in France, I don't see how it could turn out differently.

      Terror attacks are only the tip of the iceberg and the only point that the media seems to concentrate. As it's only the radicals.


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        Maybe I use the term shithole too widely.


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          Originally posted by Musashi2 View Post
          I've read a comment on the Internet that one of these two women had a image of a Muslim beardie on her FB which she commented as "don't judge a book by its cover" or something like that.
          It just reminds me of these dumb cyclists who went for a ride to some shithole country to prove that all people in the world are friendly and cool, but they ended up being murdered.
          (Face desk) don’t tell me she was on some noble crusade of changing a psychopath.


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            Originally posted by Musashi2 View Post
            One of these victims' mum's Facebook has been flooded with photos and videos showing the execution of ther daughter. A typical trolling.
            (in German):
            And of course plenty will be living here, refugee status/dual passport holders and none will be deported as usual. Because they're not future terrorists incompatible with (any) civilization, just sad victims of imperialism


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              Originally posted by HisRoyalHighness View Post
              (Face desk) don’t tell me she was on some noble crusade of changing a psychopath.
              Plenty of those to go around.


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                Originally posted by Mike1976 View Post

                Plenty of those to go around.



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                  "You read in the papers and you're led to believe that the world is a big, scary place. People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. people are bad. People are evil. I don't buy it. Evil is a make-believe concept we've invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own. By and large, humans are kind... Generous and wonderful and kind. No greater revelation has come from our journeys (trust me, I have been to 71 different places) than this."

                  Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan.
                  And also fallap.

                  Though it is true there are people who are kind, generous and wonderful. Mankind and the world is not a place exclusively filled with evil, hatred and violence. Not everything and/or everybody is seeking your death or demise.

                  But it exists. It is very real. It is part of human nature. Humans are the only living creatures that practice sadism and cruelty for the sake of it and get pleasure from it either from giving it or receiving it.
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                    Originally posted by Ivan le Fou View Post
                    And also fallap.
                    Even his very own government smartened the fuckup and started dealing with imported Third Worlders accordingly:
                    and it wants to deport 1000 'malis. At the current rate of 12 deportees a year, the process will be infinite, as more come than leave. Bear in mind the Danish government had to pay the 'mali government millions of euros to make it possible.
                    For people who think all human beings are the same, I say "no, some are significantly dumber, unemployable, overrepresented in crime and welfare than the others":


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                      Follow up on the murderers: they were "inspired" by IS but had, apparently, no direct contact with any of its members.


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                        Originally posted by moosefoot
                        ... while the murder rate in Russia is higher than the U.S, it's mostly about knives and beatings in drunken family parties gone awry, not street shootings, muggings and unrelated folks getting killed.
                        Actually, I must issue a correction here. I was using outdated data. The homicide rate in Russia has fallen to 6-7/100,000 by now, so it's only a little bit higher than the U.S. average, and could converge with it at ~5.3/100k already by next year according to observers. Places like Moscow have seen record low annual crime in recent years too.

                        It's a remarkable decrease since the abysmal 30/100k figures from 2000, and similar trends can be observed in all FSU.

                        Also, homicide rates in Russia are skewed towards older people, and skewed towards Siberia and the Russian Far East, which is a peculiar dynamic. In other words, you're far more likely to get murdered if you hang out with drunken Buryat pensioners than if you party wild in the Moscow nightlife.

                        Anyway, off-topic.
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                          Still have Marrakesh on my bucket list to visit in the next year or two. Heard only great things.


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                            I used to post on the old site when wifey and I lived in Morocco for more than 2 years, never had a bad experience, we done a lot of hillwalking out the country, lived in Casablanca and Rabat.
                            people were friendly and helpful. Women wear jeans n t shirts, bikini's on the beach. They are more advanced than the "French moroccans" who can't let their women out without hijab because they have distilled their culture down to some shithead ideas re clothing.
                            The police are everywhere there, but nonetheless the safety is lower than in West, driving is a bit dangerous. (having said that the big insult there was "where did you learn to drive - France?" )There will be 6 foot deep holes open manholes for kids to fall into beside the beach, cliff edges to fall off etc.
                            Same as anywhere, don't look like a bleedin idiot walking around, don't take all your cash out on the table to count it, if you get a bad feeling, bail.
                            E.g. A girl I knew from states was going around the shittier neighbourhoods (a place where you will get eyes on you) talking about feminism, and she was issued some slaps by the local kids. Not Clever! as The Donald would say.
                            Every country has slightly different practical rules for safety....2 girls camping alone in the wilderness - probably a step too far. whilst Maroc is hugely popular for hillwalkers (beautiful scenery and nice weather for walking) it's easy to be safe, stay in a group, get a guide (best way to enjoy the cities, pony up the cash for good guide to get the best experience... yes you will be visiting long lost uncle's carpet shop)
                            if you can't afford to pay for safety don't go. I'm sure many girls passed thru that area without harm, but these guys probably got the idea and nerve to do bad stuff to vulnerable people a long time before these 2 girls arrived.

                            RIP girls, you and your families paid too high a price for simple mistake.
                            I'm interested to know more about tribe/group these guys belong to.


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                              Some update on the case.

                              Morocco tourist murders: Swiss-Spanish national arrested

                              A dual Swiss-Spanish national has been arrested in Morocco for alleged involvement in the killings of two Scandinavian tourists.
                              The man, who has not been named, was detained in Marrakesh for allegedly trying to recruit Moroccans "to carry out terrorist plots", a statement said.
                              Morocco's Central Bureau for Judicial Investigations said on Saturday the Swiss-Spanish national was suspected of "teaching some of those arrested... about communication tools involving new technology and of training them in marksmanship".
                              The Swiss-Spanish national followed an "extremist ideology", the statement said.
                              Police said four main suspects in the killings had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group, although investigators believe there was no contact with groups in Syria or Iraq.

                              Extremist ideology, is that right?

                              I really wonder what kind of "extremist ideology" it was...


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                                The Danish ceremoni over Louisa Vesterager Jespersen.. The prime Minister attending…

                                Headline: We share The Sorrow and The Anger...