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Possible burka ban (Egypt)

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  • Possible burka ban (Egypt)

    Well, what do you know? An Islamic nation looks into banning the burka.

    A proposal to ban women in Egypt from wearing the burka is being debated by the country’s parliament.

    MP Ghada Ajam has submitted a bill in the Egyptian parliament calling for a fine of 1,000 Egyptian pounds ($55) for women who defy the proposed ban, it was reported.

    She said the purpose of the bill is “to support the state’s efforts in fighting terrorism”, Media Line, a Middle East news website reported her as saying.

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    Beside Sharm El Sheik, the Nile and ancient Egypt (pyramids) what’s so outstanding about the country?

    Egypt a democracy? Because they are trying to pass a bill to ban the burka? Mkay. Same as KSA allowing women to drive, nice on paper - if you scour a bit; before and after the Arab Spring, theocracy and the Muslims Brotherhood won.


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      Oh please do it. Please do it. I'd love to see the leftist meltdown over here. They'll have to divide by zero!


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        M.E.G.A. vote Ramesses II