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Brazil Elections 2018: Right wing leading the poll

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  • Brazil Elections 2018: Right wing leading the poll

    Jair Bolsonaro looks set to win a convincing victory in the Brazil presidential election, but will fall short of a majority leading to a second round of voting later in October

    47% vs. 28% vs. 13%

    Brazil’s far-right candidate takes big lead in presidential election
    SAO PAULO, Brazil —A far-right former military man took a commanding lead in Brazil’s presidential election on Sunday, raising the strong prospect of a populist accused of denigrating women and minorities taking the helm of Latin America’s largest nation.

    Jair Bolsonaro — a 63-year old former army captain whose unorthodox candidacy was laughed off by pundits only a year ago — was riding a wave of indignation against a corrupt class of traditional politicians. With 85.6 percent of votes counted, Bolsonaro was capturing 47.6 percent of the vote. That figure put him on the cusp of surpassing the 50 percent threshold needed to avoid a runoff on Oct. 28 that most observers had seen as nearly inevitable. Even if a run off is triggered, he would be standing on the edge of a historic if divisive victory.

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    Jair Bolsonaro declared Brazil's next president
    A far-right, pro-gun, pro-torture populist has been elected Brazil’s next president after a drama-filled and deeply divisive election that looks set to radically reforge the future of the world’s fourth biggest democracy.

    Jair Bolsonaro, a 63-year-old former paratrooper who built his campaign around pledges to crush corruption, crime and a supposed communist threat, secured 55.7% of the votes after 88% were counted and was therefore elected Brazil’s next president, electoral authorities said on Sunday.

    I love the implication that Pro-Gun is somehow a negative.


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      I hope for the best for the people of Brazil.

      Mr. Bolsonaro has pitched himself to voters as an anti-establishment maverick who will fight graft. And in a country traumatized by violent crime, his iron-fisted approach to law and order has appealed to voters in traditionally left-wing strongholds.

      Enhanced by political and economic crises with evidence of involvement by politicians from all the primary political parties in several bribery and tax evasion schemes,[158][159] with large street protests for and against her,[160] Rousseff was impeached by the Brazilian Congress in 2016.[5][161] In 2017, the Supreme Court asked for the investigation of 71 Brazilian lawmakers and nine ministers in President Michel Temer's cabinet allegedly linked to the Petrobras corruption scandal.[162] President Temer is himself accused of corruption.[163] In 2018, 62% of the population on a poll claimed that corruption was Brazil's biggest problem.[164]


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        Originally posted by HisRoyalHighness View Post
        Jair Bolsonaro declared Brazil's next president

        I love the implication that Pro-Gun is somehow a negative.
        Me too, specially when all criminals are armed and the only ones not alloqed to get their hands on arms are the law abiding citizens


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          Trump Administration Discussed Coup Plans With Rebel Venezuelan Officers

          Experts not ruling out Brazil’s military incursion into Venezuela under Bolsonaro



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            Definitely a backlash after the Lula fiasco, possibly a right/far-right backlash after his corrupted govt.

            He makes Trump looks like a pussycat. Brazil is a major country in Latin America and abroad. Interesting U-turn, not sure which country is next, leaving the presidential office from a leftist/corrupted president and govt to a ‘populist’, patriotic man, regarldless of his numerous tirades against minorities.

            Some European far-right leaders cheered to his victory.


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              Two wrongs don't make a right. Frankly, it worries me to see many on the right applause that man. Jair Bolsonaro *is* everything the left claims Trump to be, and much more. There's not a shred of doubt in my mind that he is not "right-wing", but an actual fascist.

              For fuck's sake, he's been advocating torture and execution without trial. He's made rape threats against female critics. He's been advocating racism and homophobia, and not just per definition of the rabid leftist PC police: That man literally called on parents to give their children a beating should they wish to date Afro-Brazilians. He's said he'd rather his children died a violent death than become homosexual.

              He's not the type of guy that I'd want to run my country. If the left had any decency in them, they'd wear sackcloth and ashes over prompting Brazil to elect such a dangerous moron.
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                Jair Bolsonaro’s cleanup of Brazil has begun...

                It’s not like these criminals weren’t on notice.

                Brazil had an election. Violent crime and how to deal with it was the defining issue of that election. The people of Brazil are sick of being victimized these thugs. Bolsonaro won’t be sworn in as president until January 1, but his position in the campaign was shoot the criminals.

                Armed robber is killed by Brazilian police, dragged away with applause and cries of "Hail Bolsonaro!" (Warning; Graphic)

                Poland just had its biggest nationalist march ever. Salvini has closed the borders in Italy and is more popular than ever. Macron in France has plummeted in the polls. Merkel is on the way out in Germany. Bolsonaro seems to be heading in the Duterte direction in Brazil.