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Chinese spy chips are found in hardware used by Apple, Amazon

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    America does the exact same thing with computer hardware like spy chips in hard drives etc


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      So now the US Department of Homeland Security has issued a statement similar to the one issued by UK National Cyber Security Centre:

      “The Department of Homeland Security is aware of the media reports of a technology supply chain compromise. Like our partners in the UK, the National Cyber Security Centre, at this time we have no reason to doubt the statements from the companies named in the story. Information and communications technology supply chain security is core to DHS’s cybersecurity mission and we are committed to the security and integrity of the technology on which Americans and others around the world increasingly rely. Just this month – National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – we launched several government-industry initiatives to develop near- and long-term solutions to manage risk posed by the complex challenges of increasingly global supply chains. These initiatives will build on existing partnerships with a wide range of technology companies to strengthen our nation’s collective cybersecurity and risk management efforts.”
      The wide-spread joke in China is that US Homeland Security is not supporting Bloomberg's report because the chips were actually planted by them. So they do not want a full-blown investigation. Of course, this is only a joke! relax!
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        Chinese foreign ministry answering question regarding this:

        Lastly, I found it funny that Bloomberg made this statement:

        Bloomberg LP has been a Supermicro customer. According to a Bloomberg LP spokesperson, the company has found no evidence to suggest that it has been affected by the hardware issues raised in the article.
        It is time for Bloomberg to answer some questions.


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          Further doubt cast on the story:


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            This was reported in the Chinese media, but not in the top headlines. Now, it has moved into the 2nd spot in headlines: (google translation can help you). Given the amount of Chinese media attention on this "news", Bloomberg's "story" is most likely false.


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              In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Apple CEO Tim Cook called on Bloomberg to retract its story alleging that Chinese spies compromised a company server through the use of malicious microchips. It’s the first time Cook has gone on the record to contest the allegations.
              “This did not happen. There’s no truth to this,” Cook said in the interview.
              The biggest mistake that Bloomberg made is not that they published a fake story because there are tons of fake stories about China in Western media. The biggest mistake is that they got American companies involved. If these were Chinese companies, no one would care. The British and American intelligence agencies would have never refuted the report. Bloomberg, next time, report only on a Chinese company, don't get American ones involved. That way, you can make up lies as much as you want to.


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                Well of course noone would care they'd just hold up a mirror and say "Come on son, be real!"


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                  Originally posted by pla View Post
                  The good news is that the Chinese media is not letting this smear piece skip the spot light. It is fully exploiting it to educate the Chinese on how far some Westerners would go to smear China.

                  Well, we are not surprised at all. The leader of the Western world has declared that climate change is a Chinese hoax.


                  Is that the voice of the state or the media itself? Is it strange that the Western world may decides itself how they want it within their own borders?
                  That the controls every possible thing within China is one thing, but abroad they may should respect things like freedom of speech. Your only opinion is that of your political party.


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                    Another US intelligence chief refutes the "report" of Chinese spy chips:

                    Dan Coats, the US director of national intelligence, said there's "no evidence" that Chinese spies tampered with servers bought by up to 30 companies, including the likes of Apple and a telecom provider, as Bloomberg reported earlier this month. However, he told Cyberscoop that "we're not taking anything for granted. We haven't seen anything, but we're always watching."
                    I mean if this "spy chip" is real, then why can't Bloomberg simply show it to the world and demonstrate to us how it works? Why write about it when you can simply let the whole world see it?

                    Yet, Bloomberg is STILL using this "report" as facts when reporting on China:

                    No, they are not sorry! Just like how climate change is a Chinese hoax.


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                      CEO of Amazon web services calls for Bloomberg to retract its "story" :

                      Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services, followed Apple’s lead in calling the for the retraction of Bloomberg’s story about spy chips being embedded in servers.

                      “They offered no proof, story kept changing, and showed no interest in our answers unless we could validate their theories,” Jassy wrote in a tweet on Monday. “Reporters got played or took liberties. Bloomberg should retract.”

                      CEO of Apple continued to call Bloomberg out:

                      Speaking from an Apple Store in Brussels, Belgium, Cook expressed concern about the possibility of government surveillance interfering with products and services used by consumers, advising he sleeps "with an eye open," but at the same time firmly denounced claims from the Bloomberg report.

                      "It is 100 percent a lie. There is no truth to it," Cook told CNN's Christine Amanpour. "There's no malicious chip."


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                        SuperMicro's investigation couldn't find these "spy chips." Why can't Bloomberg just show everyone these "spy chips?" Don't just tell us about them, SHOW US!


                        If there have been any Chinese spy chips on Super Micro servers, they haven't been easy to find. The company has told customers that an independent audit has found no evidence of malicious hardware on its current motherboards as well as those from the generation sold to Amazon and Apple (and thus the heart of the Bloomberg claims that sparked the concern). There was also no evidence of unapproved designs or rogue software, the auditors said.

                        A Reuters source understood that Nardello & Co had conducted the audit, and that server customers could ask for more detail if Super Micro's message wasn't sufficient.

                        This doesn't completely rule out surveillance chips (they could have been planted on specific units rather than whole batches). However, it backs up existing security reviews that have shown no signs of suspicious activity, not to mention the government agencies who've thrown their supportbehind Amazon and Apple. It also fuels Apple's call for Bloomberg to retract its story. The news outlet has insisted that its sources are accurate and isn't expected to bend, but there's no doubt that there's increased pressure on the publication to change its mind.


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                          NZ being particularly impartial, cancelled Huawei participation in the local upgrade.


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                            Originally posted by primer View Post
                            NZ being particularly impartial, cancelled Huawei participation in the local upgrade.
                            How much do you want to bet that Huawei will still become world's largest telecommunication company? The West is history. Poorer people of the world have more motivations to better themselves.

                            You can make all these tactical moves against Huawei all you want. But at end of the day, Huawei has the human resources, the money, and the will. There is nothing you can do to stop them. They will and is already offering better products at reasonable prices. You ban yourselves from them is a loss to you. I am so happy that I don't even need to lobby the Chinese government to forbid sales to Western countries. You do that for me. Thank you!