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  • Michael Bloomberg suggests disarming minorities to 'keep them alive'

    Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg reportedly argued Friday that guns need to be kept out of the hands of minorities in order to keep them alive.
    While speaking at the Aspen Institute, Mr. Bloomberg, 72, said 95 percent of murders fall into a specific category: a male minority between the ages of 15 and 25, The Aspen Times reported.


    • Trump says close to finalizing effective ban on gun bump stocks

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday his administration is just a few weeks away from finalizing a regulation that would ban so-called bump stocks, devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire like machine guns.

      United States: Self-explanatory.

      FFS, a belt loop and your thumb can turn your semi-auto centerfire rifle into a machinegun.


      • well maybe he'd better look at the ones planting the guns on them/always assuming people are armed and dangerous....


        • Bumps stocks are at the toyworld end of firearm ownership. Non of them will have a bump stock.


          • Kids are traumatized from gun violence in Chicago and a new lawsuit says it’s the governor’s fault
            Chicago residents are sick of the gun violence that has gripped their city for the last few years, so they’re suing the governor and the state for failing to implement gun control.

            In a civil rights class-action suit filed earlier this week, Chicagoans accuse the State of Illinois and Gov. Bruce Rauner, a Republican, of violating the civil rights of children, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act, for failing to enact policies that would limit the flow of guns into the state and keep them out of the hands of criminals.

            United States: A class action lawsuit was launched by a couple of Chicago residents who accuse Governor Rauner of violating civil rights because criminals in Chicago keep acquiring firearms and keep terrorizing the neighborhoods.

            Umm...that's not how that works. Chicago is a hellscape of poverty, gang culture, single mother households, no snitching mores, horrible corruption, and soft handed enforcement but they still have pretty strict gun laws. Something tells me it's not the guns.

            That being said, here's a video of an African American gun club in Chicago that has been experiencing a great boost in popularity and fame:

            "Come out fighting" was the slogan of the 761st Tank Battalion, the famous all black tank battalion which fought in WWII. Dickson "Q" Amoah, decided to start his club, the 761st Gun Club of Chicago, in honor of this battalion which housed Jacki Robinson among it's ranks. Amoah wanted to start his all black gun club after seeing a swell in black gun owners after the last election.

            "The goal of the 761st is we want to change the perception of the black gun owner within the black community," said Amoah. It's designed to be a meeting place for African Americans to share their knowledge of firearms and firearms law, while discussing issues that are most relevant to the community. Education is a main driving force behind why Amoah started the club. "What we've noticed is that people want to be involved with the firearm but they don't know what the first step is... We want to show them what the FOID card is, how you obtain one, and how you take the concealed carry class," said Amoah. It's a sentiment that members, including Vice President Costia Harris echo, "The 761st has helped me learn the laws of the land, taught me how to conceal carry, and just know the rules."

            The groundwork that Amoah has been laying seems to be paying off with numbers in the organization continuing to grow at a steady pace. As of the date of publish the organization now sits at 130 active members. "We grow all the time," said Harris, "we were just in the process of one of quarterly open houses and these open houses are packed." Amoah continues continues to spread the word about the organization through social media and grassroots efforts such as speaking at pro-gun rallys like the March for Our Rights rally, which happened earlier this year in July. The club is an affiliate of NAAGA (National African American Gun Association) and is the 8th chapter of the organization.

            Inside the World of D.I.Y. Ammunition

            Amid a national debate over tighter access to guns, and legislative efforts to regulate the unfettered sale of bullets and shells, interest in this pastime has been bolstered by a lively online D.I.Y. community that trades in how-to YouTube videos and engages in passionate web forum discussions about best practices and likely legal challenges.

            As fervid as D.I.Y. gunsmiths are, an equally passionate online community has emerged around homemade ammunition. About five million out of roughly 43 million hunters and sport shooters in the United States make their own bullets and shells, according to reloading companies. These D.I.Y. hobbyists consist primarily of two groups: Reloaders who take spent shell casings that are left behind after a weapon, usually a semiautomatic, is fired, and make them usable again by carefully refilling them with gunpowder and coupling that with a new primer and a bullet. And home casters who make bullets from scratch, typically by melting lead they buy online or get from junkyards, auto body shops or gun ranges.

            United States: There's been a growing movement in the gun community of people who make and reload their own guns and ammo. Many do it because it costs less than buying ammunition and guns, others do it because of potential legal ramifications for factory made guns and ammo. This subset is divided into the old school, ammo reloaders and the new generation of tech savy enthusiasts who create DIY guns. This article also hints that future gun control movements will start targeting bullets.
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            • Local gun groups flex muscle in state politics, sidestepping the NRA
              With major gun-rights legislation stalled in Washington, much of the action has shifted to the states, where self-described “no compromise” groups such as the Missouri Firearms Coalition have mobilized activists in favor of pro-gun laws, according to Reuters interviews with gun-rights groups in more than a dozen states, lawmakers and NRA supporters.

              These groups have become increasingly active in promoting a pro-gun agenda in many states, unafraid of alienating lawmakers who waver on gun rights. In many cases, they say they would rather lose a legislative fight on principle than compromise and support a watered-down bill.

              At times, this can put local groups at odds with the NRA, which some see as too willing to give ground on the most aggressive pro-gun laws in state legislatures, said Greg Pruett, president of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, which formed in 2012.

              “It’s always kind of interesting when you see a lot of people in the gun control community talk about how radical the NRA is,” said Pruett, whose group organized an email and telephone campaign to pass a 2016 Idaho law allowing people to carry concealed handguns without a permit, also known as “constitutional carry.”
              “There’s an entire movement on the other side of the NRA ... We’re done compromising,” he said.

              United States: Local state pro-gun groups are pushing the weak-kneed NRA aside and are campaigning for better gun rights.

              NRA is barely doing anything for gunowners behind enemy lines, it's the local grassroots organizations and the emerging heavy weights like the Second Amendment Foundation doing the heavy lifting.

              Washington’s I-1639 would implement some of the nation’s most stringent gun-control laws

              Aspects of I-1639, such as enhanced background checks and raising the purchase age for semi-automatic firearms from 18 to 21, are components that would set Washington state apart from most states. The measure would also require firearms training before a semi-automatic rifle can be purchased; a 10-day waiting period after the purchase of a semi-automatic rifle, and add a class C felony to the books for gun owners whose firearm is accessed by a person prohibited from having a firearm. The class C felony would be the most severe in the nation for a violation of storage laws.
              Workman predicts I-1639 will be challenged in either federal or state court, possibly both, if it passes. If the measure does become law he is worried about how it will impact people between the ages of 18 and 20.

              “The real hurt here is against young adults,” Workman said. “They don’t think 18- to 20-year-olds have the smarts to own guns yet they are asking them to vote on it. We are treating this right like a regulated privilege.”

              United States: Basically, to buy any semi-auto gun in Washington, you would have to be: Over the age of 21, get permission form the chief of police, submit all your health info (HIPAA), get a special permit which costs $200, pass an eight hour class, wait eight months, register your guns, and be sure to keep it locked up.

              Yeah it is a crock of shit and good luck getting a permit in liberal strongholds in Seattle.
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              • City Contractors Would Be Required Disclose Ties to NRA Under Proposed Motion

                A Los Angeles City Council committee agreed Monday with one of its members, who says the National Rifle Association is one of the biggest roadblocks to gun safety reform, in signing off on a motion that would require city contractors to disclose any ties they have to the organization.
                Councilman Mitch O'Farrell's motion, if passed by the full council and signed by the mayor, would not ban NRA-connected contractors from doing business with the city, but would require them to disclose any contracts or sponsorships they have with the gun rights advocacy group.

                United States: Citing mass shootings, the Los Angeles City Council is demanding that any contractors employed by the city disclose any ties to the NRA.

                The more things change in California, the more they stay the same.

                Also, this would technically be a 14th Amendment violation, but more importantly, it's a clear cut violation of the 1st Amendment.
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                • Deer hunting opened up after feral numbers soar to estimated 1 million

                  Victoria's feral deer population estimate has soared past more than one million, triggering government plans to unlock more of the Alpine National Park to hunters of a species described as "giant-hoofed cane toads".

                  Deer numbers have exploded in Victoria since the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires and the animals are increasingly invading Melbourne’s suburban fringe, causing car crashes and environmental damage in national parks including the Grampians and Wilsons Promontory.

                  Four outer eastern suburbs councils wrote to Premier Daniel Andrews on Friday, pleading for government help and cash to tackle a problem they argued was hurting agricultural businesses, reducing biodiversity and putting lives at risk.
                  The government released a draft deer management strategy this week, which includes opening up 90,000 hectares of the Alpine National Park to deer hunting and reducing red tape for hunters and businesses who want to process slain deer for eating.

                  It says deer are so well established in Victoria they will never be eradicated, so a strategy is needed to limit their spread.

                  Stuff that: Victoria looks to axe taxidermy licence fee as deer numbers rise
                  Victoria has proposed deregulating the taxidermied deer industry as part of a draft management strategy to control the increasing feral deer population.
                  Deer are protected under Victorian wildlife laws along with other introduced species like pheasants and European quails and partridges, meaning they cannot be hunted without a licence.

                  According to regulations under the Wildlife Act, only taxidermists who pay the annual $588 licence fee and report all their stock to the government are legally allowed to preserve them.

                  In the draft management strategy released this month, the Victorian government has suggested removing the need for deer taxidermy to be licenced as part of a suite of measures to reduce both deer populations and red tape affecting the deer-hunting industry.

                  Australia: The deer population is exploding and causing significant damage to persons, property and environment. In response to this, the Victorian Government is making it easier to hunt, to prepare the meat of the animal, and to allow taxidermy without a license.

                  What's interesting is the fact that there's going to be shooting from helicopters, maybe that would be a good reason to allow semi-auto centerfire rifles? The United States has a similar problem with wild hogs in the Southern States and the AR-15 is a godsend for hunters, ranchers, and alike to deal with packs of boars.


                  • Italian Interior Minister prepares legislature for self-defence: “No trial for those who defend their property”
                    Italy’s most popular politician revealed on FaceBook that he is now preparing new legislation about self-defence in Italy.

                    In July, Interior Minister Salvini announced on Twitter that he would be looking at reforming the self-defence laws to allow homeowners to confront intruders and defend themselves with firearms if need be. “A new law that allows the legitimate defence of decent people in their homes is our priority,” Salvini said.

                    In polls over the summer 39 per cent of the Italian people said they would like to see less stringent criteria for the possession of firearms for the purposes of self-defence.

                    The trend of increased weapons licences is not limited to Italy. Several other European countries have seen a surge in licence requests and firearms sales since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015 including Germany, Belgium and Austria.

                    Italy: Amid growing gun licenses and growing approval for gun rights, a popular Italian politician will be drafting legislation that will prevent criminal charges for those who use deadly force in protection of their home.


                    • Time to ban assault bassoons I guess.