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    Sharp rise in Italians in favour of loosening gun control

    The proportion of Italians who favour relaxing laws on gun ownership has jumped from around a quarter to more than a third, according to a new survey.

    While 26 percent of people questioned in 2015 said they supported looser laws on owning a gun for self-defence, the latest research carried out by social studies institute Censis and private security sector organization Federsicurezza found that 39 percent were in favour.

    The percentage was highest among people with a low level of education and the elderly, rising to 51 percent among respondents who hadn't completed high school and 41 percent for the over-65s.

    The study also found that the number of Italians with guns is rising: there were a total of 1,398,920 gun permits in Italy in 2017, an increase of nearly 14 percent in the last year. Factoring in specialist licences for trap shooting and other sports, the authors estimate that some 4.5 million Italians have a gun in the house.

    Currently, Italy's rigorous gun laws require anyone who wants to buy a gun to be over 18, have a clean criminal record, get certified by a shooting range and attest that they don't have mental health or addiction problems. Once purchased, guns must be reported to a police station and you need an extra permit to carry one in public.

    Israel significantly relaxes gun license regulations

    Israel will significantly relax its regulations governing gun licenses, a move that would instantly allow hundreds of thousands of Israelis to acquire a firearm.

    According to Haaretz, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan will allow any Israeli who underwent level 07 rifle training in the IDF to apply for a gun license. All infantry soldiers are certified as 07, in addition to all combat squad commanders and the majority of IDF officers. The vast majority of IDF soldiers aren't combat soldiers and are certified as level 02.

    While the police do not oppose the move, it requested that the mandatory training course be expanded to four and a half hours from the current two. The updated guidelines are a direct result of efforts by the Knesset's Gun Lobby head Likud MK Amir Ohana, who has long pressed for Israel to relax its tightly regulated firearms industry in order to allow citizens to protect themselves from terrorism.

    "A civilian carrying a weapon is more of a solution than a threat, and doubles as assistance for the security forces," Ohana told Haaretz, pointing out that "in 11 attacks in just the Jerusalem area, they neutralized the threat."

    "Sending the citizens of Israel to protect themselves with pizza trays, selfie sticks, guitars and umbrellas is a crime of the state against its citizens. A law abiding citizen, who has the basic skill required, is entitled to be able to defend himself and his surroundings."

    Ohana was referring to the various creative ways Israelis have neutralized terrorist over the past few years. In one famous case, a citizen neutralized a terrorist with a guitar during a terror attack on the Jaffa boardwalk while another used a selfie stick to put an end to a stabbing spree.

    ‘I can’t be a felon’: Gun owners sue California over faulty weapon registration system
    Tens of thousands of gun owners were prevented from registering their bullet-button assault weapons before July 1 through no fault of their own, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday against Attorney General Xavier Becerra. The suit was filed on behalf of Sharp and two other individuals by gun rights groups The Calguns Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, Firearms Policy Foundation and Second Amendment Foundation.
    Read more here:

    BREAKING: Xavier Becerra, DOJ Withdraw Latest “Assault Weapon” Proposed Regulation After Strong Opposition from FPC, Gun Groups
    SACRAMENTO, CA (July 11, 2018) — The California Department of Justice has withdrawn its latest proposed “assault weapon” regulation after facing opposition and litigation from many gun rights groups, including Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Firearms Policy Foundation (FPF), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), The Calguns Foundation (CGF), and California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees (CAL-FFL). Their legal brief in opposition, written and filed with the DOJ on January 5 by former California deputy attorney general and prosecutor Raymond M. DiGuiseppe, can be found online at

    DOJ’s proposed regulation, first published last year, would have applied the “definitions of terms in section 5471 of this chapter . . . to the identification of assault weapons pursuant to Penal Code section 30515”—one of the key “assault weapon” statutes. But now that the proposed regulation has been withdrawn, it is unclear how law enforcement officers and prosecutors will respond.
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    Firearm Owners United are taking Queensland Police to court over WT15-01 fiasco

    Wedgetail Industries have been producing a handgun named the WT15-01 since 2016. The manufacturer was told by QPOL WLB that they would be a Category H firearm.
    Weapons licensing issued PTA’s for the WT15-01 some time in 2016 for Metallic Silhouette unlimited division per IHMSA & NRA match rules. In mid 2017, they asked an owner for photos, they were provided and still nothing was said; weapons licensing continued issuing PTA’s until early 2018.
    Suddenly in late July, demand notices are sent out telling owners to surrender the firearms to a dealer or Police, and PTA’s start being rejected.

    Australia: A pistol that looks like an AR-15 was allowed to be sold under a Category H license (pistol), but now authorities are demanding the surrender of it and have reclassified it under a Category D license (near impossible to get).

    "Waiting period" on all Illinois firearms purchases extended
    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WEEK) -- -
    Starting January 1, you'll have to wait three days after buying a gun in Illinois before you receive your new purchase.

    United States: Extension on waiting for long guns from one day to three days.

    Maria Butina, Russian gun rights activist linked to NRA, charged as Kremlin agent
    FBI counter-intelligence agents have arrested a 29-year-old Russian woman on charges she acted as a Kremlin agent while working over the past three years to build relationships in the upper ranks of the National Rifle Association.

    United States: Self-explanatory, unknown if upper levels of the NRA knew.

    AG Grewal Sends “Cease and Desist” Letters Warning “Ghost Gun” Makers to Stop Advertising, Selling in New Jersey
    TRENTON – Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal today sent “cease and desist” letters to “ghost gun” manufacturers throughout the United States, ordering them to stop advertising and selling partially-built firearms – including assault weapons – in New Jersey.

    Each of these companies sell nearly-complete firearms, often with the parts needed to finish them, and even train their buyers on how to complete these weapons. These companies call their products “ghost guns” because these firearms have never been registered and do not have serial numbers. In fact, these manufacturers have even been explicitly advertising “unregistered and unserialized builds” of assault rifles to New Jersey consumers via their websites.

    United States: Basically banning 80% lowers (which are not actually firearms) as well as zip guns and 3D printed guns.

    British farmer charged with attempted murder after firing paintball gun to warn trespasser
    A British farmer who lives in Muldersdrift was arrested on charges of attempted murder after he fired shots with a paintball gun into the ground to warn a trespasser to leave his land.
    [FOLLOW UP] Paintball shooter accused of attempted murder, released
    The Magistrate said that the case was a waste of court resources and time, and threw it out.

    South Africa: A farmer used a paintball gun to fire warning shots at the ground when a man approached him claiming to want to take his farm, the farmer was arrested, but then released.
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      Houston Churches Remove ‘No Guns’ Signs, Citing Safety Concerns

      Last year’s massacre at Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church have prompted churches across Texas to rethink their security policies. Many in the Houston area have concluded posting signs banning firearms make them more attractive targets to would-be shooters.

      United States: Violating the signs is misdemeanor that could cost your your conceal carry license.

      Ohio county judge rules bump stock ban is unconstitutional
      COLUMBUS, Ohio — A city of Columbus’ law banning a gun accessory that allows semi-automatic weapons to be fired rapidly has been overturned by a judge as unconstitutional.

      The Columbus Dispatch reports Franklin County Judge David Cain ruled Friday that municipalities can’t regulate gun accessories like bump stocks under state law.

      Bump stocks drew wide attention last year when a gunman in Las Vegas killed 58 people attending a music festival. Authorities said some of the semi-automatic rifles Stephen Paddock used that night where outfitted with bump stocks that essentially turned them into automatic weapons.
      Two Ohio pro-gun groups sued Columbus after it enacted the ban in May.

      United States: Self-explanatory.


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        NZ: Man who supplied firearms to double killer even though he knew killer was banned from owning them sentenced to 12 months home detention.

        A former soldier who supplied double-killer Quinn Patterson with military-style weapons has been sentenced to home detention.

        Michael John Hayes, a 62-year-old salesman, appeared for sentencing today in the Whangārei District Court before Judge John McDonald.

        Hayes will serve 12 months' home detention.

        A friend and employee of Patterson, Hayes was supplying firearms to Patterson - who brutally murdered Wendy and Natanya Campbell and wounded Jeff Pipe during a property inspection at his Mount Tiger Rd home in July last year.

        Speaking as a licensed firearms owner, that's a fucking disgrace of a sentence. Should have had the book thrown at him with great force. Pricks like this ruin things for the rest of us.


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          USA (California): Second Amendment Injunction Against Ban on Large-Capacity-Magazines Kept in Place by Ninth Circuit

          In Duncan v. Becerra, a federal district court had issued a preliminary injunction blocking the enforcement of California's ban on magazines that fit more than 10 rounds, pending a full trial on the merits. Today, the Ninth Circuit upheld this, in a 2-1 nonprecedential decision, though one that heavily deferred to the lower court's judgment, and didn't prejudge the final result after a trial is held and the final judgment is issued and appealed.


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            To those out of the loop, the 9th Circuit is the most anti-2A court in the land, so this news is big.

            Gun ownership growing in Queensland
            Police Minister Mark Ryan has revealed there were 844,129 firearms registered with police as of June 3 in response to a question on notice from the opposition.

            It's a 30.09 per cent increase since 2013 when the total number of firearms registered with police was 648,852

            The increase in gun numbers is reflected in the number of licenses granted by police over the past six years, which has increased from 162,860 to 196,399.

            Australia: The second-largest and third-most populous state of the commonwealth is seeing a rise in gun owners and gun ownership.


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              Hefty fines to take effect in January for unlocked guns in Seattle

              SEATTLE - A new city ordinance that would assess hefty fines of up to $10,000 against Seattle gun owners who do not safely store their firearms or report their misuse was signed Wednesday by Mayor Jenny Durkan and take effect in January.

              “This is the kind of action we need to save lives. While we can’t prevent every gun death or injury, we can take steps to help prevent future tragedies,” Durkan said in a prepared statement.

              The ordinance was drafted following the release of a new University of Washington study showing that nearly two in three gun-owning households in Washington state do not safely store their firearms.

              United States: This ordinance is in violation of District of Columbia v. Heller which states that mandatory storage laws are unconstitutional and is against State Preemption. Since the ordinance is against state and federal law, it will be stuck down in court.


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                Originally posted by HisRoyalHighness View Post
                To those out of the loop, the 9th Circuit is the most anti-2A court in the land, so this news is big.
                It's only "pending a full trial". I wouldn't hold my breath from what I've read elsewhere.


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                  NZ: Firearms importers head to court to force Police to allow them to import AR15s


                  A stoush over semi-automatic rifles may head to court after claims of a police clampdown.

                  Police have refused import applications for AR15 semi-automatic rifles and parts in recent weeks, leaving retailers frustrated and the firearms community concerned.

                  Gun City owner David Tipple confirmed he was preparing for court action. He is one of many claiming an unannounced shift in police policy, which police have denied.
                  Typical of the NZ Police. They've been repeatedly smacked down by the courts over this and yet they keep trying it on.


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                    IN a bid to account for an estimated over a million loose firearms in the country, the Philippine National Police is planning to implement a nationwide gun amnesty by next month, PNP chief, Director General Oscar D. Albayalde said yesterday.
                    The amnesty will allow holders of unregistered firearms and those with expired licenses to have them registered by the PNP Firearms and Explosives Office.
                    IN a bid to account for an estimated over a million loose firearms in the country, the Philippine National Police is planning to implement a nationwid...


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                      What's your thoughts on this Junglejim ? Likely to succeed or fail?


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                        Originally posted by TheKiwi View Post
                        What's your thoughts on this Junglejim ? Likely to succeed or fail?
                        They do this almost every two years, its goo because that is how I got my rifle registered so it kinda works. However the martial law from the 80's is still fresh from the peoples mind, so a lot of people will not register their high powered guns, a to that that ith the advent of CNCs, AR manufacturing as a back yard industry has grown and the huge border between other countries... it wont make a single dent.

                        Makes money for the National Police and allows citizens a venue to go legit with their guns. So still a good deal


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                          NRA sues Seattle over recently passed 'safe storage' gun law

                          BELLEVUE, Wash. -- The Second Amendment Foundation and NRA have filed a lawsuit against the City of Seattle over the city's recently passed "safe storage" gun requirement, claiming it violates the state's preemption statute.

                          The suit also names Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, the Seattle Police Department and Chief Carmen Best. Durkan reacted to the suit Friday, “While they go to court – kids go to the hospital. We can’t prevent every gun death or injury, we can take steps to help prevent tragedies. I am grateful that legal experts who share our commitment to reducing gun violence are standing with us and standing up for safer communities.”

                          "We will prevail and will continue to push for more protection for our children," Durkan added.
                          SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb expressed frustration that Seattle is once again trying to pass its own gun laws.
                          “Seattle seems to think it should be treated differently than any other local government when it comes to firearm regulation,” Gottlieb said. "We should not have to repeatedly remind Seattle that they are still part of Washington state and must obey the law.”

                          United States: Suing due to violation of Supreme Court ruling and State Law.


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                            John Tory: Why does anyone in Toronto need a gun?
                            Speaking at a city council meeting Monday morning, Toronto Mayor John Tory made a renewed call for gun control laws in the city, asking the open question “why does anyone in Toronto need a gun?”

                            Canada: As a result of the shooting that left two innocents dead and a dozen wounded by someone who was diagnosed as mentally Ill, the mayor of Toronto is pushing for a ban on handguns.


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                              Just witnessed this same dodo remark on NZ news. The fifth estate has taken over.