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Justin Trudeau accused of having groped a reporter

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  • Justin Trudeau accused of having groped a reporter


    OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada has repeatedly denied accusations that he acted inappropriately with a young reporter at a charity event 18 years ago. On Friday, he said his accuser might have experienced their interaction differently.

    “I do not feel that there was any inappropriate action of any type,” Mr. Trudeau said in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Toronto radio station. “But, and this is the really important thing, it is not just my experience that matters in this.”

    He added, “The way the same interaction can be experienced by different people is a really important thing to get our minds around.”

    The accusation that Mr. Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister since 2015, groped the reporter when he was a schoolteacher and living in British Columbia appeared in 2000 in an unsigned editorial published by The Creston Valley Advance, a small newspaper in that province.

    The editorial resurfaced in Frank, a Canadian political satire and gossip magazine, and a blogger who is a well-known critic of Mr. Trudeau then gave it new prominence shortly before Mr. Trudeau was host to the Group of 7 summit meeting last month in Quebec. Breitbart, the far-right website, then picked up the editorial.

    Several media outlets, including The New York Times, subsequently reported on the accusations.

    The accusations have received modest attention in Canada except from the opposition Conservative Party, which has repeatedly accused Mr. Trudeau — a self-described feminist who recently removed a member of Parliament from his cabinet for making lewd comments in a previous political role — of hypocrisy.


    Late on Friday, a woman named Rose Knight acknowledged in a statement to the C.B.C. that she was the reporter. When contacted last month by The Times, Ms. Knight, who is no longer a journalist, declined to comment and asked that she not be identified. She did not respond to requests for comment on Friday.

    Ms. Knight wrote that she was making her public statement “reluctantly” and said that the incident described in the editorial “did occur, as reported.”

    She added: “Mr. Trudeau did apologize the next day. I did not pursue the incident at the time and I will not be pursuing the incident further.”
    Read that piece, it's marvelous to watch the stars align to make it so that Trudeau doesn't have to live up to the standards he's been promoting.

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    I strongly deny the groping allegation that I already admitted to and apologized for

    Recently you may have heard about a supposed incident that took place at a B.C. music festival 18 years ago in which I, woke bae Justin Trudeau, allegedly groped a female journalist. Allow me to be clear: There is absolutely zero truth to these allegations which I immediately acknowledged and apologized for at the time they occurred.

    I have spent the past few weeks racking my brain to piece together the events of that weekend while simultaneously waiting to see if the media was going to drop this story. Admittedly it was a bit difficult because the event in question took place at a music festival and I may have consumed a fair amount of a certain substance which is about to become legal (YOU’RE WELCOME BTW).

    But now that I have remembered the events and also become convinced this isn’t going to blow over, I wish to say that we must always believe women who come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. Just because I don’t recall any untoward behaviour on my part does not mean that the woman in question felt the same way. Nor does it mean that I didn’t apologize for said untoward behaviour at the time. When you are a true feminist like I am, you see that these things are not mutually exclusive.

    I love Canadian Onion.

    Also, you guys notice that it's always the most outspoken male feminists who have sexual assault skeletons in their closet? It's like how the most homophobic male politicians are always being caught banging dudes.


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      Now, I've said it before and I shall say it again: "the always believe the woman"-narrative that's being pushed by the left including Trudeau's party is incommensurable to basic legal principles. Having said that, the press's response has been ridiculous. When was the last time the NY Times used an article like that to hammer home the message: "Nothing to see here, move along!"

      And seriously, how's that comment of Trudeau's anything different from the usual "Don't make a mountain out of a molehil!"-routine? It's just more carefully crafted.


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        Got to the end of that piece and it said the reporter being groped was a woman. That was the point that I knew that it is #FAKENEWS


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          Have they identified the man yet ?


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            Shut it, you homophobic cis-male oppressors.


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              Originally posted by muck View Post
              Shut it, you homophobic cis-male oppressors.
              If "she" used to be a he we could all be right


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                Originally posted by muck View Post

                Read that piece, it's marvelous to watch the stars align to make it so that Trudeau doesn't have to live up to the standards he's been promoting.
                Holy Crap it was a female?

                huh who'da thunk it?


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                  He probably thought his man... sorry, peoplehood would irresistible to her.