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  • Quarterly Alien Incarceration Report

    Departments of Justice and Homeland Security Release Quarterly Alien Incarceration Report Highlighting the Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration and the Need for Border Security
    President Trump’s Executive Order on Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States requires the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to collect relevant data and provide quarterly reports on data collection efforts. On June 7, 2018 DOJ and DHS released the FY 2018 1st Quarter Alien Incarceration Report, complying with this order.[1] The report found that more than one-in-five of all persons in Bureau of Prisons custody were known or suspected aliens, and 93 percent of confirmed aliens in DOJ custody were in the United States unlawfully.
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    SAME link as above
    Immigration Status of All Convicted Aliens Incarcerated in State Prisons and Local Detention Centers Throughout the United States
    Some state and local jurisdictions already take proactive measures to make this data available to the public. For example, the Texas Department of Public Safety publishes data online regarding criminal alien arrests and convictions. These data do not account for all aliens in the Texas criminal justice system, as they are limited to criminal alien arrestees who have had prior interaction with DHS resulting in the collection of their fingerprints.
    As reported by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), 251,000 criminal aliens have been booked into local Texas jails between June 1, 2011 and April 30, 2018, according to DHS status indicators. These criminal aliens were charged with:
    • More than 663,000 criminal offenses;
    • 1,351 homicides;
    • 7,156 sexual assaults;
    • 9,938 weapons charges;
    • 79,049 assaults;
    • 18,685 burglaries;
    • 79,900 drug charges;
    • 815 kidnappings;
    • 44,882 thefts;
    • 4,292 robberies.
    Additional conviction data can be found in the report.


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      Build a wall...........


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        Originally posted by blackcatnursery View Post
        Build a wall...........
        By whatever means, works for me.

        Today's report is yet another reminder that we must continue this policy and help fulfill President Trump's goals of restoring lawfulness to our immigration system and ensure that immigration serves the good of this country."


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          Pretty disappointed to see this thread is not about martians.


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            Originally posted by digrar View Post
            Pretty disappointed to see this thread is not about martians.
            Its the only reason i clicked on the thread.


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                Approximately 16,233 aliens in USMS custody required housing in state, local, and private facilities, which cost $1,458,372.72 a day. --- OR ABOUT $69 and a half million, plus a year.

                Inmate Citizenship

                Statistics based on prior month's data -- -- Last Updated: Saturday, 26 May 2018
                Country # of Inmates % of Inmates
                Colombia 1,677 0.9%
                Cuba 1,156 0.6%
                Dominican Republic 1,461 0.8%
                Mexico 23,532 12.8%

                Other/Unknown 9,063 4.9%
                United States 146,331 79.9%

                SENTENCES IMPOSED



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                  I'm just going to put this here. Secondly I'd wager that most of the crimes were commited in the areas formally ruled by Spain/Mexico.

                  Finally just remember that throughout the world border regions historically have higher rates of crime. What is happening along both sides of the border is not all that unique and or special.

                  The border has only existed for 170 years. I really do find it amusing that Americans bitch about it so much.


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                    Examples of Serious Crimes By Illegal Aliens



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                      Originally posted by Cowboy's daughter View Post
                      Examples of Serious Crimes By Illegal Aliens


                      And everything single one of those "crimes" happens every single day by good ol American boys.


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                        Photos: Border busts 2018

                        • May 9, 2018


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                          Originally posted by Mindy Fashionista View Post

                          And everything single one of those "crimes" happens every single day by good ol American boys.
                          I can find no reason why you went there. I served on a grand jury for 90 days. The majority of the crimes we saw were committed by illegals. Your reasoning is backwards.


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                            In Europe it is ''hate speech'' to tell publicly the simple fact that the vast majority of dealers, burglars, criminals are of errr third world descent, so Arabs, Blacks. Etc

                            Someone was courageous enough to point out this in France, Éric Zemmour - journalist and writer:

                            (Old story, still very relevant)


                            A case of incitement to racial hatred against a controversial French TV and radio commentator was dismissed on Tuesday. Eric Zemmour had been prosecuted for comparing gangs of foreigners to the invading barbarians that followed the fall of the Roman empire.

                            The Normans, the Huns, the Arabs, the great invasions after the fall of Rome have now been replaced by gangs of Chechens, Roma, Kosovars, Maghrebins and Africans who rob, assault and pillage," Zemmour declared in a radio broadcast...

                            "Excessive and shocking though these words may appear", the court declared in its judgement, they only referred to "a fraction of the communities and not to them in their entirety"


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                              Originally posted by t3ngu View Post

                              Its the only reason i clicked on the thread.