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Satellite data strongly suggests that China, Russia are fudging their GDP

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    Originally posted by Afterglow View Post
    Yeah, what we think of China IS your concern because this poor account spent years shovelling tons of irrelevant shit on every topic that has anything to do with China.
    At first this is a forum, It's to share opinions and not to spread propaganda. And as humans are able to do horrible things to each other, as they resort to war as long as we exist. As organisations like Daesh pup up and goverments resort to mass killing to consolidate their power we have to keep an eye out for our evil potential. If critisism is an issue I don't understand what you're doing on a forum. Countries aren't all perfect here, next to all they have to offer they all have their lacks. This forum is based on western ideas, if critisism isn't fitting you, you should post vids on YouTube and switch of the possibilities to react on it.


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      Gosh! Spread propaganda? How many people actually read this thread or other threads? Is it really worth me to "spread propaganda?" Your thinking is so rigid, and you are the one accusing me for spreading propaganda?