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  • I'm here to serve.


    • Germany: Thousands evacuated over theme park bomb threat

      Police say a bomb threat that forced the evacuation of a theme park in western Germany was a false alarm. A Halloween-themed event attended by thousands of people was disrupted.

      11.000 people had to leave the event.


      • Interesting read also the other articles linked to it.
        From Germany to 'Islamic State': Christian's journey

        To Sabine Lappe, Christian was a dream child. But her beloved son became an IS terrorist who died in Syria. The bereaved mother shared her story with Deutsche Welle.


        • Violent crime rises in Germany and is attributed to refugees

          Basically what everybody with half a brain has been saying for the past few years.


          • No this is all not true. / End Discussion

            Haha yes what to you expect from obfuscate Angie and her cronies?

            Will all get even worse with the "UN" migration pact. No critique on the gods path allowed.

            Maassen had to go now eventually. Because he said stuff in his farewell speech at an European Internal Intelligence services reunion in Warsaw this october.


            The funny thing is that he is right that there where no xenophobic street hunts for foreigners. Just this little snippet video from an ultra leftist.

            It all started with a small "Die Zeit" articel and Merkel and her goons parroting it. The nice side effect the death of another German citizen was quickly forgotten and the reasons don't had to be discussed.

            Good read of NZZ (Greman)


            We will never get orderly migration with a working reward and punitive system. Only the brain dead "I suck in real life" SJW will prevail with their idea of unconditional acceptance of every shit until

            everythings down the shitter.


            • In the mean time we had actual street hunts with actual assaults in a different city where leftists were hunting and harassing people who were protesting a gang rape.