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      German Jewish Counsil says AfD no alternative for Jews (right on the first page of their HP)

      But I think they also need to adress this problem. If 5 yo migrant kids already use "Jude" as a derogatory term. It is potentrially as grave and dangerous as native Nazism.

      It is a problem many European societies face. And all now cyring Nazi (even if partly correct) never would put teh same effort to tackle other sources of antisemitism.

      Just look at DJ Lams dead (In France) his muslim child days friend assaulted him and an other man and killed them and cut their eyes out.

      Afterwards he was totally happy to come directly into paradise. "I killed a Jew"

      Just now Macron admitted the Antisemitic nature of the crime.

      It is the same in Germany.
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