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  • German Internal Issues News Thread

    I created this thread on N-RGs recommendation. To collect news regarding various issues in Germany. Mainly are these migration, integration, government actions and plans to solve these problems.

    I separate this from the refugee thread as I see it as a different problem. Germany has various issues not onyl due to refugees but generally with an ever moer fractioned society.

    Bloody weekend - ever more knife stabbings in Germany: These happened alone this weekend

    Berlin / Paul Simmel Elementary School - Jewish second grader gets death threats by fellow muslim pupil - he is still attending the school

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    Now we also have wedding cavalcades in which they fire pistols and block the Autobahn. The police confiscated 6 pistols and said "don't do it again".

    Not only in Lübeck but also in Billstedt (Borough of Hamburg)

    Several high class vehicels (Ferrari Lamborghini Porsche etc.) the usual rides you spot among these highly educated citizens.


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      Thuringian Explosives "Affair" - Explosives to build TATP found in leftists Appartment in Tuhringia (Red-Red-Green Gov.)

      Ready made explosives, chemicals and a trolley modified to serve as a mobile bomb laboratory confiscated. The 2 main suspects are still free. One has very tight connections to Antifa scene and is a personal aquaintance of a "Die Linke" MoP.

      One has special chemical knowledge. A witness was threatened abut teh suepsts are still free. Normally tehy are immediately arrested at threats against victims.

      The GA of Gera saw no "arrest reasons".


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        Look were the "guardians of humanity" SZ hid the news..under the column Reise (travelling) so that nobody notices but they can say "hey we show you everything no selection"


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          German Foreign Minister Condemns Anti-Semitism at Schools

          Now Mr. Maas it is the group your lot didn't want ANY negative mentions. If you hear what their children say - horrible.

          Despite threats, woman who opened liberal mosque in Berlin keeps fighting for religious freedom

          Yeah guess whom she is threatened by. But pssst! All single cases and exeptions.


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            Homeless man found decapitated in German cemetery

            A homeless man was beheaded by unknown perpetrators in the western German city of Koblenz, police said Wednesday.
            The 59-year-old was found dead on Friday in the city's main cemetery, where he regularly spent the night.
            He was last seen alive on Thursday.
            An investigation is underway, but as of Wednesday evening, no suspect had been detained.

            Another crime that wont make headlines

            Too many sickos running around here freely


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              Really sick.

              Koblenz the city where an Iraqi refugee shot around with an M16 in a night club..

              And where the judges release Taliban fighters after they "retract" their confession. So they can happily continue to sue against the denial of their asylum request. On our courtesy.


              I have personal story to add.

              Our friends son vists a Montessori school it is realyl exepensive and onyl for the well off. So they (School board) decided to accept one migrant/refugee kid per class or school am not sure.

              They don't have to pay anything. Fee is about 800 € / month.

              The little fella ripped out one girls ear rings and hit another one with an iron rod on the head.

              Second graders.

              Anyway, today I read that on request of Saxony and Bavaria the security situation shall be reviewed.

              So we can send back at least the criminals and social security abusers, those with 7 registrations and collecting several thousand € in benefits.



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                Originally posted by N-rg View Post


                Another crime that wont make headlines

                Too many sickos running around here freely

                Well, i saw that Story on WELT today in the TV...


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                  Yes it is changing to many affected to keep it under the carpet. Now they also openly attack Jewsl.

                  They feel very comfortable with our army of tomfools screeching islamophobia.

                  Muslim second graders issue death threats on Jewish pupils


                  Senate chief Müller still has the hope that this was and remains only a single case .....ROFL

                  Unteachable tool he is...

                  Maja Lasic (SPD), herself an immigrant from former Yugoslavia, contradicts him with her own experiences.

                  She says these are no single cases, there is widespread culturally related antismitism.

                  Orthodox Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal Appeals Not to Play Down Islamic Antisemitism


                  Salafist Mosque borders teh P. S elementary



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                    IS Morrocan-German Lamia K. sentenced to death in Iraq, she brought along her 21 year old daughter


                    I hope they all get hanged and as few as possible return to Europe.

                    Now that the IS falls apart...suddenly all were only "the cooks"...

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                      Erklärung 2018 - Say yes to border controls!

                      Please sign the petition: It is online since 15 March 2018 - 92000 signatories.


                      For all German readers! Please share it as much as you can

                      I just read that we had an increase in about 500.000 foreigners receiving social benefits -Yay

                      Needlessly billions are thrown out of the window every month...for the coming decades as nobody has to go home again...ever even better around 390.000 Syrians and Iraqis can bring their relatives over. Who will most proababyl also live of social welfare. It is a groupd of 7 nations or so that are highly overrepresented in welfare recipients.


                      870.000 refugees on welfare (you can calculate 1000€ for each person/month) and we were called Nazis.

                      Either they ALL go home in few years or things gonna explode the next time. And most probably in the face of the liberals who got us in this hot water.

                      Mass deportation is the only solution here.

                      This is totally gonna to destroy our country if the fecking politicians and bureaucrats don't (very quick) get their asses up and change things so we don't are obliged by idiot rulings to steer into social unrest.

                      WTF should this become?

                      F**k all refugee enablers!


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                        The father of a 17 year old Lybian girl who was stabbed by her brother and 34 year old Syrian husband told Speigel TV:

                        "If the sharia says my daughter has to die I can not stand in the way of it."

                        Allegedly he tried to "protect" her. Investigations against him and his wife for non-assistence are ongoing.

                        Her brother and husband sit in U-haft (Investigation custody?)


                        Barbarians - deport them - and give their daughter a new identity. I'll happily pay for that!


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                          New discussions about prohibiting veils for girls up to 14 years. NRW Interior Minister Armin Laschet and Secretary of Sate Serap Güler want to protect littel girsl by prohibiting veils for under 14 year s old in schools.

                          Güler made a facebook post in which she defended the actio nand told that littel girsl get sexualised by such veilings. Her post was deleted by facebook.

                          In English:


                          In German:



                          What is there to discuss? Just this morning I went past a school in Munich half of the girls had hijabs - thats the world I want to live in!

                          Then, I still have lots of childless (and brainless) friends who still utter "it is only a piece of cloth" "no nation states blabla bullshit I'm really beginning to hate their stupidity it never ends.

                          Main issue for them are "we are changing so nice! Yeah I do nothing just enjoy myself, but nice that everything around me is changing uh the disgusting cultures and the idiots here are supplemented now by diversity and nice stuff they bring along.

                          Instead of proudly living their own culture they slimily fake open mindedness by nodding shit through.

                          Putting a fecking veil on child girls is not acceptable morons.

                          All the while empowering an ideology who will take everything away in a blink if they have the upper hand.
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                            Originally posted by picanha View Post
                            Güler made a facebook post in which she defended the actio nand told that littel girsl get sexualised by such veilings. Her post was deleted by facebook.
                            Serves her right. Don't feed the Zuck.


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                              I don't know where this idiotic censorship comes from. Most probably brain removed libtards as usual. Maas was one of the prominent proponents with his NetzDG.

                              Something the FDP thoroughly objects.

                              But I must say Maas makes a better figure as foreign minister. He seems to be pro Israel, and I hope this changes his unquestioning pro-refugee and open borders views.

                              These are problematic people bringing their problems over here so we have to deal with them.

                              Now that he sees (can't be ignored and obfuscted anymore) where anti-semitism stems from, and that our doltish open border fraction isn't willing to go back one mm without relativating and obfuscating.