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Prince Henrick of Denmark dies at age 83

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  • Prince Henrick of Denmark dies at age 83

    Prince Henrick of Denmark died at home Tuesday at 2300 hours. Born in France, he spoke several languages including Mandarin and Vietnamese.

    Rest in peace.

    Born on June 11, 1934, in southwestern France to parents with the noble titles of count and countess, Henri Marie Jean Andre de Laborde de Monpezat married Denmark's future queen in 1967.

    Henri became Henrik and converted to Denmark's state Lutheran Church. However, he found it difficult to fit in with Denmark's egalitarian lifestyle.
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    It is a sad day, for in the eyes of many Danes, he meant as much to them as he did to you Commanding.

    Sleep well Prince of Princes, may you find better friends in Heaven, than you did in the cold, unwelcoming North. You did not speak our horrible language well and for that you were mistreated.


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      RIP. I'm sure my Danish Grandfather knew of him.